Tudor House in Seattle adds energy-saving upgrades

When you live in the suburbs, it may be difficult to figure out how to get more space from your home. This is the case with this Tudor house near Ravenna in Seattle. Therefore, the client worked with architects Karlstrom Associates, Strong Work Structural Engineering, and a design team composed of Paul Michael Davis, Tiffany Chow, Gabrielle Herbosa, and Graham Day to obtain architectural design assistance from Paul Michael Davis Architects in Seattle. The result is an expansion of creativity and ecological awareness of indoor and outdoor living spaces.

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The team called the project “Tudor in the front, party in the back” because the existing house is a Tudor revival bungalow. The upper floor is in good condition, but most of the basement is unfinished, except for a renovated bedroom, which is decorated like a ship’s captain’s quarters. The space is ventilated and cold. In order to minimize the natural cold in the basement, insulation panels replaced the entire existing basement panels. The entire basement uses tight insulation materials and creatively placed two heat pumps to control the temperature.

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Green and white garage with roof deck
White living room with leather chairs and fireplace

In contrast to the wooded ship theme in the bedroom, the rest of the basement is made brighter through the use of white paint, tiles and countertops. wood Accents have been added to furniture, stairs and support beams.

White arches near the bookshelves
Grey modular sofa in the finished basement

The sleeping and living spaces are built in the basement, and all windows (except for the original leaded glass) have been replaced with high-efficiency and Natural lightThe existing pointed arches in the living and dining areas are the inspiration for the combination of old and new. The upper and lower floors are connected to a new staircase with a matching arch.

The bedroom has wooden walls and the corners of the bed are embedded in the wall
Blue, white and light wood bathroom

The owner also wanted to add a garage, so the design team effectively used the added function and created a roof terrace above it.The extension is connected to the yard below and is irrigated rainwater collectingThe garage itself includes an electric car charger.

A white desk facing the glass wall leads to the roof terrace
White modular sofa on the roof deck

Added attic insulation material, solar panel, LED lighting, high-efficiency appliances, cork flooring and smart home technology, Ravenna House now exceeds current Seattle energy regulations.

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David Lee via Paul Michael Davis Architects Photography

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