Legal experts drafted the definition of ecological extinction to help protect the planet

If the newly drafted definition of “”, environmental degradation will soon be classified as an international criminal offence.Ecological extinction‘Adopted. The drafted definition has been brought together by legal professionals from all over the world under the Stop Ecological Extinction Foundation, and it is hoped that the International Criminal Court will pass it.

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The draft proposal was announced last Tuesday and defines ecological extinction as “an illegal or wanton act carried out with the knowledge that it is likely to cause serious, extensive or long-term damage to the ecosystem.” surroundings. “

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The new definition is an initiative of the Stop Ecological Extinction Foundation. This is when people worry about not doing enough to deal with the climate crisis.The purpose is to allow the ICC member states to pass the law, thereby forcing the leaders of the ICC signatories to take action to prevent serious Environmental damage.

If passed, ecological extermination will become the fifth crime prosecuted by the International Criminal Court, alongside crimes against humanity, war crimes, genocide, and aggression.

“The other four crimes only focus on the well-being of human beings. This is of course done, but it introduces a new non-human-centered approach, placing the environment at the core of international law, so it is original and innovative.” Philip Sands QC, professor and co-chair of University College London, explained. Define the back panel.

Examples of ecological extinctions include the killing of protected species, large-scale oil spills, nuclear accidents, and deforestation Amazon rainforest, etc.

There have been several attempts to make the ecological extinction law effective. In 1972, the late Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme (Olof Palme) A kind Stockholm Environment Conference. Another attempt was made in 1998, when consideration was given to including the Ecological Extinction Law in the Rome Statute. Recently, the Scottish barrister Polly Higgins was believed to have led a decade-long movement to get this concept recognized until her death in 2019.

“The world’s environment is threatened by very serious and continuous destruction, endangering the lives of people living in it. This definition helps to emphasize that the safety of our planet must be guaranteed internationally,” the co-author of the draft , United Nations jurist Dior Fall Sow (Dior Fall Sow) said, According to the Guardian“In the current context, serious damage to the environment is becoming more and more important and affecting many countries. Their new definition of the crime of ecological extinction may gain support.”

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