The Yoga Garden and the Brno Art Gallery were born in post-industrial architecture

Yoga It is an ancient practice that encourages acceptance, inner peace and recognition of limitations, so in many ways, it makes sense for this yoga garden and art gallery to be placed in a building that seems to have a lot to overcome. In a press release, the designer said: “The result is not deliberately determined in advance, but the result of personal decision.” However, the result of this post-industrial space being transformed into a yoga retreat is both striking and calming.

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The project is led by RO_AR Szymon Rozwalka Architects and aims to focus on nature while providing abstract interest. The architects wanted to create a real space, “without the deceptiveness of nostalgia (industrial fakes) or false spirituality (exotic clichés).” In order to achieve this goal, the team selectively decided that the old buildings would stay What, it reveals layer after layer of history.

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Man doing handstand in large white room with wood beam ceiling

Located in Veveří 8, Brno, Czech Republic, the building provided structure, but did not have enough light or garden space, so the team removed parts. In other areas, they adopted the existing elements of old skylights, real building beams and wooden structures. Bricks And damaged wall dust.

Wooden reception center under skylight

“Our goal is to create a vast space full of light, while at the same time full of subtle connections between the various fragments inside,” said RO_AR Szymon Rozwalka Architects.

White room with wooden beams and artwork on the walls

The result is a fluid space that provides views from the gallery to the entrance and from the indoor to the outdoor garden.Two atriums have been added to strengthen the Greening, Designed by landscape architect Mirka Svorová. One of the basic values ​​of Yoga Garden is “sustainable development and minimize the impact of our society on the environment”.For this reason, the garden has the lowest water demand and adopts high-tech systems Collect and retain rainwater To meet watering needs.

Plants growing behind a glass wall

Rich window invitation Natural light Entering the space, it contrasts sharply with the huge supports and key beams.This Interior design Wood is also widely used as a material choice for storage cabinets, counters, cabinets, etc.

+ RO_AR Szymon Rozwalka Architects

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