Two holiday cottages on stilts sit gently by the sea

Located in Matanzas, ChileIn the coastal area about 2.5 hours’ drive from San Diego, La Loica and La Tagua are two holiday cottages rising from the rocks overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The designer chose to upgrade the house on a raised wooden structure to reduce the carbon footprint.

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The area of ​​the two cabins is only 25 square meters and 20 square meters. Each cabin is large enough to accommodate two people. The names of La Loica and La Tagua are a tribute to two different species. birds Native to the area. Like the nests of seabirds, these structures sit on a huge rock mass (called Lobera) that protrudes from the water 80 meters above sea level.

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Light and dark wooden houses on the hillside
An angular wooden house with a glass wall at the bottom

Due to its unique wave and wind conditions, the area is famous for kitesurfing and windsurfing.The designer integrated the windy location into the building, placing the main access door in a way that opens to the north TerracesTherefore, the main building plays a role in resisting the strong wind from the southwest.

Black and white wooden house by the sea
The living room is furnished with sofas and chairs, near the glass wall

Each cabin has a master bedroom on the top floor, accessible via a vertical ladder.leftover cabin The first floor includes the living area, dining room, bathroom and kitchen, as well as several pieces of built-in furniture and storage rooms to optimize the small space. In order to take full advantage of the unobstructed view, large windows are installed on the west facade, giving the impression of hovering over the ocean.

Grey bed facing the glass wall, overlooking the sea
Light and dark wooden houses overlooking the sea

Inside, the pine boards are oil-treated to provide stability and prevent marine corrosion, while the outer wood cladding is Recycle Oak sleepers. The cabin is entirely made of wood, supplemented by indoor dry pine wood to improve long-term performance. The cabin reflects the natural environment with organic tones and clean, modern lines.

+ Croxatto and Opazo architects

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Image courtesy of Croxatto and Opazo Arquitectos

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