Britain bans elephants in captivity in zoos and safari parks

Britain plans to ban elephants in zoos and safari parks. The Animal Welfare (Farming of Animals) Act, which is expected to be passed later this year, aims to protect captive animals from unnatural treatment. The bill was introduced by the Minister of the Environment Zac Goldsmith (Zac Goldsmith), pointing out that large animals resemble highly socialized animals and the zoo environment has a negative impact on their lives.

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A copy of welfare The number of captive elephants is ready, which shows that the demand for such highly socialized animals in captivity is impossible to meet. The report has determined that the elephant has suffered from a variety of diseases during captivity, including arthritis, mental deterioration and hernia.

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Statistics show that the total life span Elephant The number of captive elephants is much lower than that of wild elephants. In the wild, the life expectancy of an elephant is about 50 years, but in a captive environment, the life expectancy is shortened to 17 years. For animals that need about 30 miles a day to forage, there is not enough space to allow this freedom.

Elephant biologist Audrey Delsink has been studying elephant populations in South Africa for many years and she knows how to maintain animal health. One of the key factors is that elephants need space to forage and socialize.

Humane Society International (HSI)/African Wildlife Department Director Del Sink said: “The big picture is a very smart, very social, and emotional creature with a complicated family structure and a life-long bond.” According to VegNews“They need space to roam freely with other elephants, where they can express normal elephant behavior and thrive emotionally and physically.”

Today, there are about 51 elephants living in zoo The proposed law in the UK will not affect elephants currently in captivity, but prohibits the introduction of other elephants into zoos and further captive breeding. Once captive elephants die, they will not be replaced.

In 2020, the UK also banned the inclusion of wild animals in circuses to prevent Cruelty to animalsMany animals, including elephants, are also abused by humans in the name of entertainment. In addition to elephants, other creatures, especially marine mammals, are confined in small spaces. This situation will affect their health and lifespan. Delsinke said these creatures must also be considered for protection.

“Marine mammals also suffer pain during captivity, because they are also highly socialized, long-lived creatures that cannot give full play to their natural behavior,” Delsink said. “Like the big elephant, marine mammals try to cope with captivity by adopting abnormal behaviors called’stereotypes’-repetitive, purposeless habits to combat stress and boredom.”

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