The cost of maintaining electric cars is lower than gasoline or hybrid cars

According to a recent study, refueling and maintaining electric vehicles is about 40% cheaper than maintaining gasoline vehicles. U.S. Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable EnergyThe latest government research provides official evidence that the maintenance cost of electric vehicles is lower than other vehicles, including hybrid vehicles.

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The U.S. government operates the largest fleet electric car In the world, it provides a lot of data about maintenance and refueling. In research, the government found that it spends less on the maintenance of electric vehicles because electric engines have fewer parts compared to gasoline engines.

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The study examined four types of vehicles and compared their maintenance and operating costs. The results show that the estimated regular maintenance cost of a light battery electric vehicle (BEV) is US$0.061 per mile, while the cost of a traditional internal combustion engine vehicle (ICEV) is approximately US$0.101 per mile.Other options considered are plugins Hybrids Electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles have also been found to be cheaper than conventional gasoline vehicles, ranging from US$0.090 to US$0.094 per mile.

“The estimated planned maintenance cost of a light-duty battery electric vehicle (BEV) totals 6.1 cents per mile, while the estimated maintenance cost of a traditional internal combustion engine vehicle (ICEV) is 10.1 cents per mile. BEV lacks an ICEV engine oil, Timing belts, oxygen sensors, spark plugs, etc., and the maintenance costs associated with them,” the study explained. Although the savings per mile seem small, they save millions of dollars in total each year.

For a long time, people have known electric car Lower maintenance and operating costs are mainly due to the number of movable engine parts and the pricing model of gasoline compared to electricity. An internal combustion engine car has about 10,000 parts, while a pure electric car may have less than 10 parts. This means fewer vehicle parts need to be repaired and therefore less capital required.

This research provides much-needed information to help those who are hesitant to transition from traditional vehicles to electric vehicles.

+ Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

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