What is the mental age of your child?

they said Everyone has two ages: your actual age and your spiritual age. For our family…

7-year-old Anton is secretly a silly 16-year-old who likes to make TikTok videos and wears Ramen Sweatshirt. Before going to bed, he will catch up with my school gossip-who has a crush on whom, who runs fast, who wears Slap bracelet -And ask me how old you must be to participate in the prom.

Eleven-year-old Toby is a super sweet middle-aged father in his heart. He likes to book rental cars, find quality Airbnb, and arrange our travel logistics. He just likes to make a reliable plan for a day, and he knows the names of all our neighbors-even more than me! (I would say, “Gosh, what is Tallulah’s mother’s name?” He would lean over and whisper, “Jennifer.”)

What is the mental age of your child?with What’s yours?

Polystyrene Toby talks with Anton, with Those little things that fascinate children.

(Top photos of Toby and my dad.)

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