This micro house is low-impact, convenient and multifunctional

The construction industry is a large part of carbon emissions, waste On this planet.This is part of the reason Small house It has become a type of housing with less environmental impact and is very popular. UOOU Studio’s new micro-house design aligns with the same concept and adds versatility and sustainable features to enhance attractiveness.

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UOOU Micro House is a concept designed to meet the needs of offices, temporary housing, hotels, vacation houses or leisure space.It is prefab Minimal site impact And waste, while allowing buyers to choose features for a custom feel. The design company explained: “Owners are welcome to choose between different colors, design details and cladding materials to become part of their home.”

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Rendering of a small house, the door opens to the small deck
Render small home interiors with log walls, floors and ceilings

The structure is small and easy to transport and install, but additional sun visors and decks can be added to increase living space. The design combines indoor and outdoor, focusing on providing a 30-foot open passage through two large sliding openings on both sides, allowing access to nature.Inside Modular Elements continue to use furniture that folds up when not in use, allowing the space to be converted into an office during the day and a sleeping area at night.

Rendering of a small house with a wall leading to the deck
Render of a man reading on the deck of a small house

The house is mainly made up of wood, This is one of the most sustainable products, the internal OSB panel is unpainted, the appearance is natural, and chemical additives are eliminated.

Picture of a miniature house with solar roof and log interior
Draw a small house with flexible furniture interiors

The micro residence provides a compact, Energy efficient design. The solar tiles on the optimized pitched roof generate energy for the space. A representative of UOOU Studio told Inhabitat, “Micro-home is an environmentally friendly home that is passionate about everyone-it will be available to order online soon. [the] Micro-home is in the prototyping phase in several different geographic locations around the world. “

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Picture from UOOU Studio

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