Costume of the week: Cheryl Sparks

Live in Rhode Island, Cheryl Sparks Describes himself as “a true New Englander” and “widow, mother and grandmother of the greatest little boy” When the pandemic hit and Cheryl found herself at home alone, she opened an Instagram account to share her outfits, “The goal is to look’united’ at least one day a week.” Here are five outfits she likes …

Above: Dress: the goal. Glasses: Annie and Valentine. Necklace: Kenneth Lane, similar. Shoes: Zara, similar.

“In the beginning I just took pictures of my clothes, and then sent them to my daughter Alexandra, and said,’What do you think? How about this?’ Someone suggested that I open an Instagram account, Alexandra. Della said,’Why not? We can do it together. It brings us very close. I wrote the subtitles-she refused half of it, haha. I will put on clothes to show her. She is very pregnant now, sometimes she Would say, “Oh, wow, that whole outfit-once I’m pregnant, I want it. “Other times, she would say,’No way, it’s not those shoes. Where did you get them?!

Costume of the week: Cheryl Sparks

shirt: Kim Magee (Selected by Cheryl and customized by KMJ for their Quarantina style pattern!). jeans: Hexindao.

“It’s hard for me to describe my style. Part of me wants to say “classic”-but somehow I feel bored when I think of classics. The person I admired the most when I was a kid was Ali MacGraw. She was one of them. label I follow on Instagram. She’s so great-now, I mean. I like that she has white hair like me. It’s great to watch her evolve. “

Costume of the week: Cheryl Sparks

shirt: Dorn. Pants: Dorn. sports shoes: Karima.

“In my career as a dental hygienist, I wear uniforms and don’t have to worry about work clothes. So, I can buy some non-work clothes that I like, such as this top. (It looks like something you can find in the attic, And it feels very light, like a handkerchief.) I work now Star Children’s Scholarship Program, An educational non-profit organization that supports high-risk children, I help take care of my grandson who is almost two years old. My next grandson will be born this fall! “

Costume of the week: Cheryl Sparks

skirt: Madwell. Sandals: the goal.

“Did you know that there are pajamas everywhere on Instagram? It feels like clothes for minutes, hours, and years. But… I mean, I’m 65 years old. It feels so precious. Then I saw this dress by Madewell , I think, you know, it’s similar in style, but it doesn’t look precious. It has pockets, it’s thin, and it’s very comfortable-I can’t recommend it too much.”

Costume of the week: Cheryl Sparks

shirt: Crewe, similar. Belt: J. Crewe. Pants: Zara, similar.

“Stripes are my weakness. My whole house is covered by them. I grew up wearing a rugby shirt like this, borrowed from friends and boyfriends. It’s fun for me to wear clothes I like. Take care of yourself -Wake up in the morning and get dressed-this brings joy to my day.”

thank you very much, Cheryl!

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