My friend did the coolest thing at her dinner party

A few years ago, my friend Liz Invited several ladies to her apartment, I will never forget what happened next…

After we wandered around in her living room, eating slimy cheese and crusty baguettes, she led us to the dining table. There is a small piece of paper on everyone’s plate. When we looked closely, we realized that she had written acrobatics poems for each of us. If this sounds tacky or childish, let me tell you: it’s so cute.

This is what I said:
JOn her
OhPen book
A kindYou’re welcome
A kindShe is + care

How beautiful is that? ! I am really touched. After returning home, I posted it in our kitchen, where it stayed for two years. Every time I see her, I have a feeling of love for her, and I am grateful to be seen in this way.

Isn’t the acrobatics a beautiful and simple idea? Will you do this for your guests? I like it so much.

Polystyrene The beginning of the dinner conversation, with Why i just discovered the potluck?

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