Wendy’s tests plant-based black bean burgers in three cities

Wendy’s began testing a new plant-based burger in three US markets this week.But different from other fast food For joints, Wendy’s uses an ancient whole food-black beans-instead of ultra-processed pea protein for more realistic artificial meat.

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Spicy Black Bean Burger sells for $5.79 and is available in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Columbus, Oh; and Jacksonville, Florida.The chain store emphasizes the spiciness of its beans hamburger, Which includes paprika, jalapeno and a slice of pepper jack cheese. Wendy’s also criticized McDonald’s in a statement, stating that “certain plant-based creations have developed a dull reputation in this category-look at you McImpossible-but fortunately, Wendy’s has spices in her DNA.”

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According to a CNN report, Wendy’s Chief Marketing Officer Carl Loredo said in February: “Consumers are looking for flavor. Unfortunately, our competitors have some boring options.” business“They are very focused on flavor. This is what they want and need now.”

In addition to bean cakes, the new burger also includes tomatoes, romaine lettuce, onion slices, crunchy jalapenos, spicy chili sauce and pepper jack cheese. Wendy’s does not provide vegetarian Version, because sandwiches are easily cross-contaminated on the preparation line.

Spicy black bean burgers appear on Wendy’s special “Made to Crave” menu. “demand Plant-based According to VegNews, a Wendy spokesperson said that in the past 10 years, protein has exploded. “As a company that strives to satisfy where our fans are and provide incredible tastes and flavors, we have discovered a culinary opportunity to make plant-based protein in Wendy’s unique way. In our food vision, fast food is right Under the guidance of the author, we have been carefully tracking the plant trends and exploring the best and most desirable ways to introduce them to Wendy’s fans.”

If you want to try this burger, please act as soon as possible, because as of now, it is only available for a limited time. According to Hamburg’s performance, it may stay here.Or it can surpass Wendy’s meatless efforts, such as the early incarnation of the black bean burger launched in 2015, or the pea proteinAround 2019, Plantiful Burger made a brief appearance at Wendy’s restaurant in Canada.

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