Ekodome’s geodesic dome kit turns into a pop-up shelter or greenhouse

If you liked building fortresses when you were young, you will love the modular design of the Ekodome Geodesic Dome Kit, which provides options for multi-functional domes with unlimited possibilities.

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The geodesic dome kit is manufactured by the Ekodome Company in Brooklyn, New York City.The concept is simple aluminum The frame you put together, DIY style. It is made of high-quality, durable materials with a long service life. Supplies include aluminum hubs and hub caps with EPDM seals, aluminum pillars and caps all equipped with TPE SEBS seals and stainless steel bolts and nuts.

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Rendering of an aluminum-framed glass geodesic dome in the forest

Once completed, the geodesic dome can be used for multiple purposes, such as greenhouses, garden sheds or luxury tents. You may want to use it as a temporary work space, living area or chicken coop.It can also be used as off-grid small home Or disaster relief shelter.

Clearly rendered geodesic dome with living area
Rendering of the sofa in the geodome

Each frame can be covered with the material of your choice, ranging in thickness from 4 mm to 10 mm.This allows you to adjust the device to be used as a greenhouse plastic Or as a shelter for fabrics. You can use company templates to form your own coverings, or wait for pre-cut panels that are expected to be available soon. The modular design allows you to connect the units together through tunnels to get a real Martian experience and protect the elements on earth.

Rendering of wall-mounted TV and kitchenette in the dome
Rendering of the sofa near the wooden door in the geodesic dome

This Dome The concept is not new and has been used in tents and full-size houses, and the design is considered strong, light and efficient. However, these domes often have significant problems in terms of water resistance and reliable protective cladding options. Ekodome uses innovative technology to overcome these challenges to form a strong seal throughout the process.

Aerial rendering of a geodesic dome covered with plywood
Aerial rendering of a geodesic dome covered with stone

The company now offers five geodome solutions. Ekodome explains: “The five different models of different sizes are named after the sensation they evoke at first glance: Seed, the smallest size; Luna, because it can be connected to a larger size like a satellite; Terra, because it’s the most common size. greenhouse; Stellar because of its stunning appearance and Cosmos because of its huge size. “

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