Google’s downtown San Jose mixed-use plan receives city council approval

Google seems to be everywhere, but it considers the San Jose area of ​​California to be home. Therefore, since 2017, the company has been in the planning stage of developing an 80-acre park, and discussions have been ongoing among the city, citizens and the company. Recently, the San Jose City Council approved Google’s implementation of its mixed-use plan for the west of downtown San Jose, which will become the largest multimodal transportation hub on the West Coast.

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The chief designer of the project, SITELAB Urban Studio, created a concept that is an extension of downtown San Jose, an area full of culture and connection with nature.The plan did not create a dull commercial space, but welcomed the community through a major transportation hub and plenty of opportunities to interact with the community surroundings Walk along 15 acres of green spaces and parks.

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Even with thousands of houses, 7.3 million square feet of office space, and up to 500,000 square feet of retail, cultural, artistic, educational, and gathering space, this 80-acre compound aims to achieve Net zero goal.

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The approved central west project includes almost all-electric buildings and will rely on the microgrid to provide services to the area.It will carry 7.8 MW of on-site solar power and Energy efficient Common facilities are shared between buildings. All these systems will help minimize greenhouse gas emissions. Water-saving features are also part of the plan, which includes the implementation of an on-site water reuse facility and a water recycling system for all non-potable water uses.

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Micro-communities will be established to support bicycle and walking transportation to minimize vehicle emissions, with the goal of 65% of trips being completed by bicycle, walking, public transportation or carpooling. This huge project is scheduled to break ground in 2023, but will be constructed in phases within 10 years.Finally, the project aims to win the LEED ND Gold Award for the entire project, and LEED Gold Award Applicable to all office buildings.

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Google Said: “For more than three years, we have talked with thousands of residents and stakeholders to jointly imagine how the West End will contribute to the future of Diridon Station District and the City of San Jose. We have heard consistent messages and requirements: Create a community with both housing and work. This is part of San Jose, not a corporate campus. We see it as a call to action, and we are happy to share the results of our collaboration with the Xicheng District Social Infrastructure Plan.”

+ SITELAB City Studio

Image courtesy of SITELAB Urban Studio and Google

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