The world’s first 3D printing community is planned to be built in Rancho Mirage, California

Development company Palari Group and construction technology Mighty Buildings is teaming up to build the world’s first Net zero, 3D printing community using robot automation. The community is located in Rancho Mirage in the Coachella Valley, California, and will build 15 houses on 5 acres of land. These houses will be equipped with solar panels, weather-resistant materials and minimally invasive environmental impact on eco-friendly homeowners.

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Alexey Dubov, co-founder and COO of Mighty Buildings, said: “We are very excited about this groundbreaking collaboration with Palari and become part of the world’s first 3D printing zero net energy community.” “This will be Our first on-the-spot realization of our vision for the future of housing-can be deployed quickly, economically, and sustainably, and can be positively motivated to strengthen surrounding communities.” This US$15 million project will use 3D printing The panel system developed by Mighty Buildings helps eliminate 95% of construction waste.

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Driveway leading to gray home
Wooden table on the terrace next to the grey house

improve air quality, The designer is integrating Delos’ DARWIN into the home, which is an artificial intelligence unit that can purify pathogens, pollutant particles, odors and allergens in the indoor air. Local water filtration and circadian rhythm lighting provide residents with additional health solutions. As for energy, Solar panels The power generation is enough to supply the entire family, and you can also choose to add Tesla Powerwall batteries and EV chargers.

Swimming pool next to home with pergola
Lounge chairs by the swimming pool

Highlight the modern architecture of the mid-century, individual houses incorporate textures stone Exterior walls, floor-to-ceiling windows and 1,450 square feet of living space. Each family has three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a guesthouse with two bedrooms and one bathroom. These properties have a total area of ​​10,000 square feet and also have swimming pools and decks, with the option of upgrading cabins, hot tubs, fire pits or outdoor showers.

Gray house with pergola and large rectangular swimming pool
3D printer machine manufacturing building

Basil Starr, the founder and CEO of Palari, said: “We are delighted to launch the first development of 3D printed sustainable homes and to collaborate with Mighty Architecture to achieve our shared vision of changing the way we build future homes.” “3D printing allows us to build houses faster, stronger, and more efficiently, making it an indispensable part of our platform for streamlining the house construction process centered on the sustainability of buildings, materials and operations.”

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Image courtesy of Mighty Buildings and EYRC Architects

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