Designers call 11 summer home decoration trends in 2021

Now that summer is officially in full swing, our houses are beginning to reflect not only the changes of the seasons, but also in our way of life.As the world reopened for the first time in more than a year, the purpose of our home is also changing-it’s time for us Interior design Reflect this!After feeling like an eternal winter, both literally and figuratively, it’s time to shake off the dust on the curtains and renew our Home To meet our current needs.That’s why we hired a pair of interior designers to provide us with the scoop on the biggest summer house Fashion sense Trends in 2021.

This is a reunion season, warm weather, and joy.

Although we still hope that the house retains the versatility that it gained last year, it now has more leeway in terms of aesthetics.We talked with interior designer Aisling Mittman ALM curation with Katherine Carter About what they think is the most popular summer home decoration trend in 2021. One thing Carter noticed is that the past year has taught us a lot about our own personal space. She believes that people will be more careful and have a deeper appreciation for the future space.

Be sure to bookmark their suggestions inspiration, Because you will definitely want to turn to these when your home is refreshed in the summer.

So what trends are happening?

You may be surprised to find that the reign of Bohemia is officially over. Although Carter thought this was interesting at first, it is now overdone, and it feels a bit oversaturated, just like the mid-century modern fashion was all the rage about five years ago, and now we are going to lower it.

Mittman believes that unless someone focuses on a minimalist lifestyle, the minimalist appearance will disappear for many people-the roaring 20s seems to be back!

Keep scrolling to see our experts’ selection of the biggest summer home decor trends of 2021.

Image courtesy of Katherine Carter

Natural, worn wood

More and more people choose natural wood-not only on their floors, but also in their decorations. Look out for rattan, old wooden furniture, and some wicker. This is an easy way to make your home feel elegant and timeless, while still having a light touch.

Earth tone

Earthy tones dominated by soft brown, sage green, soft pink and gray will dominate this season. It is a soft, delicate aesthetic, full of lush, romantic tones, but not too strong.

Light paint

Carter is all about light paint this season: think of warm pastels Pink With a hint of gray, like Farrow and Ball’s Dead salmon, with Pink room.

Natural elements

The summer home decoration trend of 2021 will emphasize the introduction of outdoor activities indoors. Carter envisions growing a lot of plants at home-this is the aesthetics of the Tulum hotel, but No Excessive bohemian wind. All this is to integrate simple, unpretentious, concise and sustainable natural elements into real indoor/outdoor life.

Image courtesy of Katherine Carter

Texture wallpaper

Carter is a big fan of him Philip Jeffries’ Textured Wallpaper (She believes they have the best choice). This is an unexpected way to add a bit of depth and warmth to the room without feeling that you go too far with the grandma aesthetics that wallpaper sometimes encourages.

Country chic

Be prepared, Mitman said that country fashion is making a comeback in the best possible way. She has been incorporating many mixed patterns and prints, fixing the space with colors, and complementing the items with classic shapes.

Unexpected playful elements

Mitman declared that everything this summer was about surprise details. The scallop edges, round pillows and organic shapes are sweet and interesting to the touch. No one will see it coming, but it adds a lot of personality and talent to the room without being too tacky or overwhelming.

Natural light

Let the sunshine in! Carter said, fill your space with natural light as much as possible. Summer is the best time to keep the space airy and bright for a long time.

Image courtesy of Katherine Carter

Natural stone and marble

You may have noticed a large number of natural stone and marble accessories from floors to walls, countertops, tables, etc. Both Carter and Mitman confirmed that Stone is spending some time seriously.

Invest in art and furniture

In recent months, Carter has seen a real shift in people’s attitudes towards quality, not quantity. People are investing in works that will last a lifetime. Sturdy, classic furniture and fine art can be passed on from generation to generation, rather than cheaper alternatives.


Get ready to return “More is more!” Mittman believes that cheerful grids, stripes and flowers will have a big impact. This is not the time for subtlety.

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