In states that cut off benefits, Americans are leaving the unemployed faster: Economics

They are simply eliminating increased costs, not simply keeping everyone from unemployment. If this happens, the consequences will be even worse. And unemployment bonuses do lead to higher unemployment rates. I know that some people deliberately solve the unemployment problem at the beginning of welfare. Finally left at a price of more than $16,000. No money, still unable to pay bills in some way. I believe that money is for those who do not know how to manage it consciously. I have been working since my legal age, and when I finally lost my job due to the new coronavirus, I was still deprived of benefits. So when they see that they can’t make more money by doing nothing, they realize that they have to go back to work, which is why this article is even a thing. The basic unemployment rate is far less than Covid benefits, starting at $300 and $600. Therefore, the amount they will receive a normal salary (500-1000) depends on their job and some other things. With the addition of that $600, they can withdraw nearly $1,600 from doing nothing. This is also a week or two, so it adds up quickly. At the same time, other people, like me, have to work 50-60 hours a week due to lack of manpower, but they cannot get hazard pay, bonuses, or even raises. It is not so much to thank our employers as to thank them. At the end of the payment period, you can only take home approximately $600-700. This system is broken. And I know I’m not the only one who has to struggle desperately for the minimum wage, and most Americans sit on their ass and do nothing but the money they’re blowing. I am happy to see these benefits disappear. Back to work in the United States. We are better than this.

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