Abandoned tram turned into an interesting former collinear park

If you are not familiar with the term, place making is an idea that slides into the central focus when it comes to it City planning. This is a people-oriented approach to planning the use of public spaces, which is essential for the development of the now permanent Precollinear Park in the Corso Gabetti and Ponte Regina Margherita centers in Turin, Italy.

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Even before the pandemic disrupted life in Italy, most of this space was abandoned.It previously carried a tram line, which underwent some evolution before deviating from the planned route, and left bridge There is no activity.

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People lying on the path between rows of trees

When the pandemic saw crowds of people looking for safe outdoor gathering places, Torino Stratosferica, a non-profit cultural association, began to develop strategies on how to best use the space for the benefit of citizens.Putting people’s happiness and happiness as the priority, the space was temporarily converted into Precollinear Park, a Public area There are seats and space to ensure safe social distancing.

People put up posters at the bus stop

The project immediately got help from the government community, More than 700 residents from all over Turin expressed their thoughts. The crowdfunding campaign raised more than 2,500 Euros to help maintain the area.

People clean the ground in the park

As the central location connecting the four neighbouring areas of Borgo Po, Madonna del Pilone, Vanchiglia and Vanchiglietta, Precollinear Park has begun to host various entertainment, education and exhibition activities. Now, it is still very popular as a leisure space, with volunteers regularly participating in organized care and maintenance activities.At least 60 citizens have formed volunteers in the park. They make time every week to maintain park Clean.

On the left are volunteers pushing a wheelbarrow in the park. On the right, the couple and the dog are posing for a photo in the park.

The park was officially completed in June 2020 and has now become a permanent facility in the area. It seems that every week, the Torino Stratosferica adds more structure and furniture to the continuous development of the space, including an information kiosk, wood Pallet benches, flower pots, seats, activity platforms, and an increasingly complete calendar of cultural and entertainment events.

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Picture from Torino Stratosferica

Band playing on a small stage in the park at dusk
People sitting on seats in the park at night

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