Energy-saving renovation and renovation of this retro apartment

They say that everything old can become new again Decoration The project known as the Campo Alegre apartment completely captures this sentiment. When you see the beautiful views, lovely floors, and open layout of this modern apartment, you won’t believe it is part of a residential building built in the early 1970s.

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Many architects do not build completely new places, but find creative ways to re-use and re-use existing structures. This method is not only practical, but also sustainable.For example, this project reused existing materials to make this apartment Portugal Energy Saving.

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A room with wooden floors and white walls. Inside one wall is a dark gray cabinet and a white cabinet on the right.

The renovation also changed the entire floor plan of the apartment, turning five bedrooms into three bedrooms. This creates enough space for the master suite with a large closet and adds space for the kitchen.The result is an open and airy design, look and feel Modern At the same time retain some of the retro style of the original layout. This is a true fusion of past, present and future.

The left side of the corridor is the living room, and the right is the kitchen.

The apartment faces east, south and west, providing plenty of natural light and beautiful river views.A few large windows and sliding glass The door helps bring the outside world in and makes the unit feel spacious.

The kitchen has an off-white floor and a tile backsplash. The kitchen has white cabinets and a black oven.

At the same time, the design of the wooden floor is eye-catching. This apartment is equipped with a small room with built-in shelving. It has a unique appearance and pays homage to the 1970s. It also incorporates modern elements and ample storage space.Tall custom cabinets in the kitchen, tiled bathroom and stylish design Elements throughout the unit contribute to the stunning modern appearance of the unit.

The bathroom with bathtub is surrounded by gray square tiles.

Created by Costa Lima Arquitectos, this apartment is a beautiful example of how old buildings can be renewed, even if they are designed to pay homage to the past.This sustainable renovation project reflects the value of Costa Lima Arquitectos’s design and construction from the perspective of the collective conscience, with a focus on Economy Sustainability and environmental awareness.

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Photography © Ivo Tavares Studio

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