Sloth’s House provides a large family with a way to escape from nature with minimal impact

The great architectural design integrates the needs of the residents with the surrounding landscape.In the case of Casa da Preguiça (House of Laziness), this means providing a place of escape for a large family while providing the best opportunity for residents to immerse themselves in nature and watch popular sloth In that area.

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Casa da Preguiça is located in the lush Atlantic forest of Ipolanga, São Paulo, Brazil, and was designed by Nautilo Arquitetura & Management. The building was camouflaged on just over 0.3 acres of land.

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Gray chair in glass wall room
Wooden dining table with white chairs near the black, white and yellow kitchen

In order to maintain Minimal site impact On a steep site and accommodating the space required by the client, the team built the house into three floors. From the street, a bridge connects to the garage. The main space of the house is contained in two overlapping rectangular volumes. The first and second floors are one volume, while the swimming pool and the third floor fill up another volume.

White bed facing the glass wall
White bathroom with light wood decoration

Most bedroom suites are located on the first floor. On the second floor, the design includes a living area and two additional bedrooms. The main gathering space is surrounded by vertical circulation, covered by natural light, and arranged for cross ventilation, all of which contribute to compactness, Energy efficient design. The third floor includes three bedrooms, a games room and a sauna, and there is no doubt that the facilities are available. The entire space can enjoy the surrounding landscape, and it is also the best opportunity to watch the mammal of the same name as the house.

The bedroom with glass walls leads to a narrow balcony
Aerial view of swimming pool

This Interior design Exposed electrical ducts, concrete block walls and polished concrete floors create an industrial atmosphere. The stairs are open and made of steel and glass. In sharp contrast to the gray material, the space is decorated with tiles, beams and yellow in the soffit.The choice of natural materials is mainly woodFor furniture and decoration, the comfortable indoor space is further combined with the natural environment.

+ Nautilo architecture and management

Photography by Alessandro Guimarães via Nautilo Arquitetura

Aerial view of a small three-story house in the forest

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