We want to re-make 15 kinds of fresh platter this summer

Remember when “crudités” are considered interesting Caught? Serving it means that in the 90th minute, you want to go to the grocery store and give yourself a plastic tray filled with pre-cut plain vegetables and a bucket of ranch dip? Those days are over, you guys. Crudités platter is a fresh staple for many dinners, it can be elegant, refined and delicious.

Today, service crudités (yes, technically ending with “s”) is a Summer entertainment staple, And the smarter your arrangement, the better.

Large or small; round or rectangular; cooked or raw; our favorite lettuce platter has one thing in common: bright colors and plenty of seasonal flavors. This is not the vegetable plate your mother threw together in a hurry in the early 90s. Today, the cruités platter is a visual feast, full of vibrant, lush seasonal vegetables, paired with unique and delicious dipping sauces.

Keep scrolling to view these amazing cruités platter, bookmark the platter that catches your eye, or draw inspiration from a few options, and then piece together your own gorgeous platter. The world is your oyster (assorted with Crut!)

Imagine yourself wandering in a villa in the Italian countryside and enjoying these delicious food.

Add some fruits to the mixture to get a colorful and absolutely delicious vegetable platter.

How sweet are these unexpectedly gorgeous vegetables? It is very elegant.

Now this is an impressive appetizer and proves why we can’t sleep on a vegetable platter.

Enjoy the best part of Caesar salad, with a selection of your favorite vegetables and our favorite crudités platter.

These drops are to die, hello! Did we find some zucchini flowers? good to eat!

The white miso dipping sauce is the protagonist of this carefully crafted fresh platter-you won’t be full.

Bagna Cauda means “hot bath” in Italian. This is a delicious garlic anchovy sauce that goes perfectly with fresh summer vegetables.

Pick your favorite beautiful vegetables from the local farmers’ market and compliment them by making delicious spicy hummus and garlic cheese sauce.

It is difficult to surpass this decadent and gorgeous vegetable platter from the consistent Half Baked Harvest.

We can’t decide what we like better, vegan macadamia cheese or absolutely amazing beets!

How delicious does this fresh and simple platter look?

Use this simple and advanced way with delicious and unique dips to enhance your vegetable platter game.

Add a little bit of soup with these pickles, and your guests will not see this kind of taste explosion coming!

Enjoy some bright and rich Mediterranean flavors with this simple, breezy Mezze platter.

This article was originally published on May 14, 2020 and has since been updated.

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