15 simple and delicious one-pot summer meals

It’s not that i don’t love chef. There is nothing I like more than spending a night trying new things Dinner recipe I keep staring but a warm Summer night It just doesn’t feel like spending a few hours in the kitchen or a complicated dinner recipe is equivalent to a sink full of dirty dishes-especially when I would rather jump into the water or stare at the stars.Fortunately, these one-pot summer meals saved me and gave me more freedom to enjoy everything season Must be provided.

We think it’s time to rely on one of these delicious one-pot summer meals to enjoy these longer nights, which are great in flavor, not preparation time. From the most enthusiastic gourmet to the most discerning diners in the family, there is something for everyone. Keeping meal preparation and cleanup simple does not necessarily mean being stingy. These nutritious, creative and healthy meals are sure to surprise you.

Continue to browse my 15 favorite one-pot summer meals, allowing you to step out of the kitchen and sit around the dining table.

Looking for dishes that are comfortable, warm, simple and convenient? Then look at this broth with beans and shrimp dishes.

Nutritious and delicious, this one-pot summer meal inspired by India and Thailand uses mung beans and green curry paste. good to eat!

Tieghan from Half Baked Harvest has a knack for making comfort food healthy (ish!), this is the best comfort food.

This dish is refreshing and light, while still satisfying the craving for pasta. This dish uses some of our favorite summer ingredients and is a breeze.

Add this healthy, protein and antioxidant-rich dish to your weekend rotation, if you have tried it, it would be great!

In the story of the next summer, use this delicious chowder to make you feel comfortable. If you have extra time, you can use clam juice to make a quick meal, or make fish soup from scratch.

Sometimes the burrito is just right-but you usually have to clean up after the fact so few plates make it worthwhile. This one-pot summer meal satisfies the craving for burrito without being a mess.

Stuff up summer vegetables with this one-pot pasta. If you ask me, there is nothing better than this kind of pasta, vegetables and ricotta!

In just a few minutes, you can enjoy this delicious ancient dinner on the table. All you need is a chicken and a lot of vegetables, so a healthy and delicious meal will do.

When you run out of time during a busy work week, put this dish together and enjoy the leftovers for lunch the next day.

Try this traditional marmalade with Martha Stewart’s vegetarian shrimp and rice dish.

Next time you want to eat Italian food, use the artichoke season to make this lemon, pesto and healthy pasta.

Combine one-pot dishes and 30-minute meals into one? Yes, please. The juxtaposition of zucchini and Mexican-style calories makes this a healthy treat for everyone.

Stop looking for the perfect one-pot summer meal. It has a crunchy taste, tastes good, and is easy to make. Because it is vegan and gluten-free, those with food restrictions can also enjoy it!

Next time you want to eat a quick, easy, and delicious full meal, try this foolproof chicken fajita recipe.

This article was originally published on July 22, 2020 and has since been updated.

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