Activists protest Biden’s compromised green infrastructure deal

President Biden made a major commitment to the new green environment infrastructure Plan to mitigate the effects of climate change. But only six months after he served as president, White House negotiators have reached an agreement with the senator to support the major changes needed to achieve climate goals. According to activists, the new bipartisan agreement will significantly slow the transition to a green economy—making it too slow.

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For example, Biden’s proposed $174 billion for development Electric car Market, the new plan allocates 15 billion U.S. dollars for electric vehicle infrastructure. Many people are not surprised by this reduction. They say that it is a long opportunity for such a major climate legislation to pass Congress. Many Republicans believe that the infrastructure bill should insist on transportation issues and not include climate clauses.

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“We made serious compromises on both ends. …we will look at what happens during the settlement bill and the budget process,” Biden Say.

Youth activist Sunrise movement Unwilling to compromise. On June 28, hundreds of people gathered in front of the White House to call for “transformative” climate policy.Missouri State Representative Corey Bush and New York State Representatives Alexander Ocasio-Cortez and Jamal Bowman participated in the protests and urgently needed to be resolved. climate crisis.

Activists highlighted climate action, policing, discrimination and Environmental racism“They occupied our streets,” Congressman Bowman said during the protest. “They imprisoned us on a large scale, but they made us food insecure. In the traffic desert, our buildings and schools fell apart. Fuck!” Secret Service agents arrested several militants who blocked all ten entrances to the White House.

Democratic Party A second attempt is now being made to pass Biden’s climate change measures in a separate bill, which may also include plans related to education, health care, and care for children and the elderly. Officials refer to these areas as “human infrastructure.” The bill may pass a complex budget process called a settlement, which will allow it to bypass Republicans.

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