Jacob Zuma sentenced to jail for contempt of court

Former South African President Jacob Zuma was detained for contempt of the country’s Supreme Court and began imprisonment, ending the stalemate challenging the rule of law in Africa’s most industrialized country.

The South African Police Department said that Zuma was sent to prison on Wednesday night, just a few minutes before the midnight deadline for his arrest.

South African Constitutional Court Zuma sentenced to 15 months Last week he disobeyed his order to participate in a judicial investigation of the allegations and assisted in systemic corruption during the presidency that ended in 2018.

The verdict was hailed as a victory for South Africa’s post-apartheid constitution, but after Zuma continued to ignore judges and allies, it became a test of the rule of law status of the ruling African National Congress. Threatening violence To order.

Zuma missed the Sunday deadline to surrender, this Forcing the police Although the former president tried to seek probation at the last minute, he will still be arrested by court order before the end of Wednesday.

His foundation said on Wednesday that he “decided to abide by the imprisonment order” and was “on the way to the correctional service in his hometown of KwaZulu-Natal.”

The convoy leaves the former South African President Jacob Zuma’s home in Encandela © Reuters

During his nine years in power, Zuma presided over the decline of the system and the stagnation of the economy, which eventually led to the so-called state capture scandal, and claimed that he helped Plunder public resources.

Zuma denied any wrongdoing.

His imprisonment marked the ANC and Cyril Ramaphosa, Zuma’s successor served as the party’s leader and president, and he has pledged to rebuild state institutions.

Next week, the Constitutional Court will hear Zuma’s challenge to the revocation of the verdict, and a verdict is expected to be delivered on Friday as a separate attempt to suspend the order in a lower court.

The 79-year-old had been contemptuous to the end. Until Sunday, after demonstrating force in his rural mansion, he said, “Sending me to jail at the height of the pandemic of my age is like condemning me to death.”

But by Wednesday, these supporters had diminished, and when South African television showed that a convoy was swept out of their homes just before midnight, no one took up arms.

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