KAJ Hotel is a houseboat rental house exuding hygge

The Danish hygge concept brings “a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere that produces a sense of satisfaction or happiness.” Why don’t you want to have more in your life? At KAJ Hotel, you can.

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Kaj is a traditional Danish name that also means “pier” or “pier”. The name and association with hygge applies to rentals, it is not a hotel or houseboat, but an unforgettable accommodation on the harbor in the center of Copenhagen, Denmark.It provides a unique visitor experience as a single room boathouse and small home. It is even equipped with an extra boat.

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The chairs near the window of the houseboat have a view of the harbor

When business and life partners Barbara von Haffner and Toke Larsen commissioned the architect Karl Smith Meyer to help develop the plan, The project was exposed.The couple have their own houseboat and they use it as Prefab Some KAJ accommodations.Living in one through a lot of inquiries Houseboat, They decided to let others experience it for themselves.

Hotel kitchenette with small sink and gray cabinets

KAJ Hotel has no technical footprint and is located on the edge of the harbour, but it also avoids a large carbon footprint by using recycled materials.Most mini rental houses are built of wood and have Minimal site impact By hoisting the preform into place. The window frames are remodeled from the former Danish Defense Command building.Old iron rods are used in the foundation, and Recycled materials It was used to build stairs and gangways from a ship.

There is a fluffy white bed in the bright white room with a wood grain wall on the wall

Small residence brings great benefits Interior design With a traditional Danish style. Scandinavian-style light wood ceilings, walls, floors and furniture are known for their modern minimalist atmosphere, supplemented by white walls and window frames, creating a neutral tone that does not distract from the surrounding natural environment . This tiny hotel has a countertop/desk area, a bathroom with doors and windows, a master bedroom and additional sleeping space in a 16-square-meter room.

People kayaking on the water

Along the water’s edge, visitors can leisurely or quickly swim, sunbathe or enjoy the scenery of nearby tourist attractions. Unlike the hotel, you will not have anyone to share the space, but the convenience facilities such as porridge, coffee and tea can provide the comfort of home.

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A small wooden gable house with the words

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