The ocean catches fire after the Gulf of Mexico gas pipeline leaks

It takes a lot of time to make a fire in the ocean. After all, water can usually extinguish flames.But as Pemex demonstrated in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula last week, the right set of conditions-a gas leak pipeline Plus electric storms-can set the ocean on fire, and it is difficult to extinguish.

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According to PetrĂłleos Mexicanos (aka Pemex), a gas leak began in Campeche Bay on Friday morning. oil The company responsible for this ill-fated pipeline. Before the workers repaired it, lightning struck. Look, an underwater fireball.

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Pemex began to take action in ocean and public relations cleanup. The fire boat closed the pipe valve and sprayed nitrogen; they managed to put out the fire in about five hours. Pemex claims no oil It was spilled and the environment was not damaged. The company said it is investigating the cause of the gas leak.

but Greenpeace Mexico is not ready to let it move on.The environmental organization stated that the fire “demonstrates that Mexico’s fossil fuel model poses a serious risk to the environment and people’s safety”, according to reports. ABC Chicago.

One might wonder if the world would not even know about this disaster if there were no people like reporters Manuel Lopez Saint Martin, He posted a disaster video that went viral on Twitter. The video shows ships spraying water on a fire in the ocean. A surreal image, indeed. Saint Martin wrote that the fire was only 400 meters from the oil platform.

Considering the dangerous conditions of Mexican journalists, this report stands out. Mexico More than Iraq as The most dangerous country for journalists, In 2020 alone, eight people were killed in retaliation for their work.

Pemex’s record is not very good. There have been several leaks and fires recently. An explosion occurred in one of its Tlahuelilpan in Hidalgo in January 2019 fuel In a large-scale natural gas robbery, the pipeline caused 137 deaths.

by CBS News, Bloomberg Business Weekly

Main image © Manuel Lopez San Martin

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