3 common cooking mistakes that are easy to solve quickly

For years, one of my favorite self-comfort mechanisms has been playing Food Network A channel in the background of almost any activity. When I clean the living room, Giada de Laurentiis by my side. When I organize my storage room, Guy Ferry Usually there.When I talk to my parents on the phone, I can say Ina GardenAlthough silent, he is doing some great things for her husband Jeffrey at Hampton.

However, the strange thing is that when I actually cooking, This requires my full attention. Now safely into my 30s, I am not the natural chef I dream of one day. When I scramble to measure out a tablespoon of vegetable oil, I often find myself wondering, The Barefoot Countess Thinking?

That’s why recently Good + good article Regarding common cooking mistakes, these mistakes make professional chefs cringe at this barely enough chef close to home. It may not tell me how Garten thinks about my rather clumsy kitchen habits, but this article features the insights of top chefs and does provide excellent insights into several mistakes they consider “common” (to me Translated as: “Are you alone”).

Here are some of the most relevant cooking accidents that you can happen in the kitchen. Let us make our favorite chef proud and correct our wrong practices, shall we?

Let’s start with a simple…

1. Not having enough patience

“There is nothing worse than adding protein or vegetables to a cold pan,” the chef Census Nakhon KingThe founder of Cook Like King told Well+Good.

Okay, sounds simple, right? But in retrospect, I can’t tell you how many times I have rushed through a simple step, such as heating a pan (or flipping the pancake prematurely) just to make things go smoothly.To further emphasize the importance of patience, Phojanakong pointed out Maillard reaction, The chemical reaction between reducing sugar and protein gives the dish the mouth-watering appearance (and taste) obtained through proper browning.It is reminiscent of one of them Many important tips I collected From a virus thread r/Cooking subreddit: “You have to brown the butter, no one will take the time to brown the butter. ”

Now discuss some more complicated things…

2. Not weighing your ingredients

Just like a musician who can play by ear, I have always admired those chefs who can walk and watch the ingredients. I, on the other hand, had to take out every measuring cup and spoon I could use in order to bake some chocolate cakes.However, according to Tanaka Sari, The pastry chef at Gramercy Tavern in New York, the seemingly elaborate plan is not the best move.

According to Tanaka, the measuring cup leaves too much room for error when explaining the recipe. Weighing ingredients (especially in baking) is a more precise process.

Use our favorite kitchen scale below to solve this problem:

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Finally, an interesting one.

3. Forget to taste your cooking while walking

I am actually a bit and also Good at testing my work while I do it, but if this is a blind spot for you, Chef Phojanakong emphasizes the importance of checking your dishes while you are seasoning, and of course before you serve your guests. An easy way to make this as simple (and hygienic) as possible is to place a container of clean-smelling spoons in your preparation area.

For a complete list of common cooking errors, please visit wellandgood.comMay we never forget the value of a properly heated pan.

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