Groundfridge uses insulating materials instead of electricity to keep cool

Designer Studio Floris Schoonderbeek, Groundfridge refrigerated wine cellars use the natural insulation of the soil as a cooling system for sustainable food and wine storage.It can be used as a substitute for ordinary refrigerated wine cellars vitality And lead to high utility bills.

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Groundfridge does not need electricity, but uses nature insulation And battery-powered ventilation system. A spherical structure was dug into the ground and covered with soil excavated from a new location so that only the main opening was visible on the ground. The thermal insulation capacity is combined with the natural coldness of the ground, and the cold air sucked in through the ventilation system keeps the cellar climate constant.

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Green door leading to the underground cellar
People walking into the cellar

The inner part of the cellar consists of wood, And the soil cover is about one meter thick. The battery-powered ventilator provides users with the option of setting the ventilation time throughout the day according to specific temperature requirements.

Stairs in the cellar
The curved shelves are full of fresh food

The temperature inside Groundfridge will match the ground temperature one meter below, but it may also be affected by the following factors soil Type, groundwater level, sunlight exposure, mound vegetation and outdoor temperature. Use the breathing machine at night to lower the indoor temperature because you will be exposed to the cold night air; the company recommends exhausting the equipment for at least one full hour every 24 hours.

A curved shelf full of wine bottles
Cellar with green door open

For areas with high peak or average temperatures, there is an additional active cooler (called “cooler”) to circulate and cool the air in the cellar, which helps to keep Groundfridge at a guaranteed constant Temperature, for professional or food use-level use. Chiller is an optional accessory of the original Groundfridge, at an additional cost, and can be connected to Solar panels toll.

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Picture from Groundfridge

Man carrying a basket of wine into the cellar

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