Italian stuffed shells are a pre-made meal you will provide at every party

These Italian plush shells will make you a very popular dinner host-I always like a party recipe that I can fully prepare in advance. Alison Hersel, the owner of Plumcot Farm, said that he shared this incredible recipe with us (in This party):

“I use very simple techniques to reduce stress… In addition, when I am entertaining, the menus I design allow for advanced preparations, and when guests arrive I usually pop the baking sheet in the oven, or I have simmered Something in my Instant Pot.”

This is a tried and tested formula for the success of the dinner party, and these Italian filled shells feel like the ultimate comfort food.They are very simple and so delicious. Gluten-free can also be prepared by replacing large gluten-free pasta shells.

This recipe is part of our Italian themed summer dinner menu at Plumcot Farm, hosted by Alison Hersel.Get other recipes and Read the full story here!

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