Nat-2 latest sports shoes are made of recycled bubble film

From the German shoe designer nat-2 committed to sustainable and environmentally friendly design, we encountered vegan recycled bubble film sneakers. Yes, bubble film.

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The new vegan recycled bubble film sneakers are designed in collaboration with an Israeli startup still remember, And this is also the first time that foam packaging materials have been used on shoes. Innovative materials not only keep the bubble film away from the landfill, but also 100% vegetarian And there are many colors to choose from.

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Two grey sneakers with bubble wrap pattern on the canvas and bubble wrap around

include Recycle The bubble film provides an interesting appearance and waterproof protection. The lining is made of iconic bioceramic yarn developed and manufactured by nat-2.real corkTaken from the outside of the tree without damaging it, it constitutes the insole, and the outsole uses real rubber. Recycled PET is used to make shoelaces, and the heel is composed of tiny glass fragments. The vegan sneakers have a low-key design, regardless of gender. They are designed to be durable and versatile, with a long lifespan, and may be the only shoes you need for a few days at the beach, office or backyard.

Grey and white vegetarian shoes on white background

the company pace Almost every version is on the outside. Examples in the previous series include fungi, algae, coffee, corn, beans, flowers, hemp, milk, moss, Abandoned slaughterhouse blood There are a lot more. Most of the sneakers are handmade and produced fairly by a small family manufacturer in Italy. The company also relies on low-impact packaging, such as shoe boxes and brochures made from recycled paper, and wooden hangtags made from wood from certified sustainable forests.

Grey and white vegetarian shoes with bubble wrap printed on the canvas, surrounded by bubble wrap

Nat-2 explained: “The reason for using many sustainable and eco-friendly materials and technologies is not only ecological, but also a problem that we think of as’good design’. By creating such innovative products and things, we have also achieved Unprecedented new aesthetics and touch. [been] Seen before fashion, Footwear and accessories. “

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