Toyota stops donating to Republicans trying to prevent Biden from being elected

Toyota said that after weeks of public pressure campaigns forced the automaker to make a sudden U-turn, it will stop donating to Republicans who are trying to overthrow Joe Biden’s election victory.

The company has been under fire after data showed that its company’s political action committee donated more funds to Republican lawmakers than anyone else voted against proving Biden’s electoral college victory.

According to an analysis of fundraising data by the Washington Citizens’ Responsibility and Ethics Organization last month, Toyota’s political donation department donated $56,000 to 38 Republican congressmen who voted to veto the vote in January.

The automaker initially responded to Crew’s analysis, saying it believed it was inappropriate to judge members of Congress based on election certification votes alone, but the company changed its position on Thursday.

Toyota said: “We understand that the PAC decided to support some members of Congress who disputed the results, which disturbed some stakeholders.”

The company added: “We are actively listening to the opinions of stakeholders and have now decided to stop donating to members of Congress who object to the certification of certain states in the 2020 general election.”

Jordan Libowitz, Crew’s director of communications, said: “We are grateful that Toyota has seen the light and will stop donating to core members of the incitement party. Public pressure campaigns should not be used to get them to do the right thing, but we are very happy that it worked.”

Toyota is one of several companies Criticized for donating to Republicans Hours after a mob of Donald Trump supporters attacked the U.S. Capitol and killed several people, he voted against proving Biden’s election victory. There are a total of 147 lawmakers, including 8 senators, Vote against certification.

Before Toyota’s U-turn on Thursday, the anti-Trump Political Action Committee Lincoln Project established by Republicans before last year’s election issued an advertising campaign calling on customers to boycott the automaker.

“It’s time to call Toyota’s leadership,” said an narrator in the ad. “If they don’t reconsider where to send money, Americans will reconsider where we send money.”

Project Lincoln-This project has been seeking to overhaul its leadership and strategy Sexual harassment and financial scandals -Said that it would launch similar advertisements to other companies that donated money to legislators who voted against proving election results.

“Toyota made the right choice today,” Project Lincoln said after the automaker changed its position. “They put democracy before transaction politics. We hope that other American companies will follow them.”

Several large companies, including Facebook, Microsoft, and JPMorgan Chase, said they would Withdraw or review political donations After the January 6 riots, some companies made it clear that they would not support Republicans who opposed certification.

But corporate funding has already begun Flow into the Republican treasury In recent months, including political donations from companies such as Cigna, Intel, and T-Mobile. Fundraising is expected to increase further before next year’s midterm elections, when both houses of Congress will compete.

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