Honda and WASP collaborate on 3D printed motorcycle design

WASP is cooperating with the well-known automobile company HONDA R&D Europe, hoping to completely change the motorcycle industry in one project. Sustainable design process. This new concept is called additive manufacturing, and it will be at the forefront of the new 3D printed motorcycle project, which combines 3D printing with hand-finished designs.

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WASP (on behalf of World’s Advanced Saving Project) is a company headquartered in Italy that specializes in the design and production of 3D printers. The company was inspired by the Porter Wasp, an insect that uses materials from the surrounding environment to build nests. The concept of this nest was integrated into the design model because its large 3D printer was designed to build houses from natural materials found on site.For example, the Delta Clay series, 3D printed dense fluid materials and Industrial clay On a large scale.

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According to WASP, the prototyping process enables 3D printing Handmade Because in certain areas of motorcycle design, human hands are “irreplaceable.” “Until today, prototyping is done manually and then completed by highly qualified technicians who, like modern sculptors, skillfully define proportions, lines and volumes,” a representative of the company said in a press release Say. “In this field, some people say:’Only the touch and reflection of light in the work can guide development.'”

Today, motorcycle designers use industrial clay to turn their designs into reality, but this is sometimes a time-consuming process because the entire model must be completed by hand. The collaboration between WASP and HONDA will change this situation by protecting the creative process through the use of hand-finished 3D printed design models.The resulting design process will be Car styling Create a world with less waste and less time.

Design Modeling Coordinator of Honda R&D Europe Has met with WASP engineers to integrate additive manufacturing 3D printing technology into the company’s industrial clay model creation process. In the next few months, the two companies hope to showcase their results.

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