Joe Biden urges Vladimir Putin to “take action” against ransomware hackers

Joe Biden warned Vladimir Putin that if Russia fails to take action against a series of hackers, Russia will face consequences. Ransomware attack, Saying that the United States will take “any necessary action” to protect its people and infrastructure.

The White House said that the two leaders talked over the phone on Friday about the “ransomware attacks being carried out by Russian criminals, which have affected the United States and other countries in the world”. This was their first conversation. Since the Geneva Conference last month.

The White House stated that Biden “emphasizes the need for Russia to take action against ransomware organizations operating in Russia and emphasizes his commitment to continue to participate in the response to the broader threat posed by ransomware.”

According to the White House, the President of the United States also “reiterated that in the face of this continuing challenge, the United States will take any necessary actions to protect its people and their critical infrastructure.”

“I made it clear to him that the United States hopes that when the ransomware operation comes from his territory, even if it is not sponsored by the state, we also want them to act,” Biden Speaking to reporters at an event in the White House late Friday, adding: “It’s going well. I’m optimistic.”

When asked whether Russia would face consequences for not dealing with ransomware hackers, Biden replied: “Yes.”

A senior government official later told reporters: “We will not telegraph the specific content of these operations. Some of them will be obvious and visible, and some of them may not. But we expect these to be in the coming days and weeks. Happen within.”

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said the call was an “example” of “being clear, candid, and straightforward in the event of a disagreement.”

The transcript of the Kremlin’s conversation stated that Putin Tell Biden that although Russia is “preparing to jointly combat cybercrime,” Moscow has not received a request for cooperation from the US government since the Geneva meeting.

The Kremlin said in a statement: “Considering the scale and severity of the challenges in this field, the interaction between Russia and the United States should be permanent, professional and non-political.” The Kremlin added that the two The president also discussed the Syrian war and US-Russian cooperation in this field.

A senior official in the Biden administration refuted the Kremlin’s statement: “We have conveyed to Russia a number of specific requirements for action against cybercriminals through official channels, and clarified Russia’s responsibility for action, including today’s The level of a president.”

Ransomware attack-hackers seize the company’s systems or data and release them only after paying the ransom-already Proliferative Recently, the shift to remote work associated with the pandemic has made businesses more vulnerable to intruders.

Friday’s conference call follows a series of particularly bold and destructive attacks that have taken place this year, including those targeting the United States. Colonial pipeline, Was forced to temporarily close, and opposed JBS, The world’s largest meat processor.

Last weekend, the REvil hacker cartel continued The global ransomware frenzy The goal was the information technology supply chain, which hit about 1,500 companies and forced the Coop Group in Sweden to close 800 grocery stores after the cash register stopped working. The hackers demanded a ransom of $70 million to unlock the data, renewing the debate about whether the company should pay criminals.

The researchers blamed all three attacks on Russian-speaking ransomware groups operating outside Russia. Some US cybersecurity experts accuse Moscow of harboring ransomware criminals and avoid prosecuting them because they will not attack Russian companies and hand over stolen data or profits when asked.

In addition, the Republican National Committee contractor Hacked This week, even though investigators believed it was a state-sponsored attack, not a criminal group. Psaki declined to say whether Biden pressured Putin in this regard.

Biden and Putin meet Face to face Last month, this was the first time since Biden took office as president.Biden told reporters afterwards that he had provided Putin with a copy of “certain critical infrastructure [that] Should not be restricted by cyberattacks”, 16 entities are described in detail.

Brett Callow, an analyst at the cybersecurity organization Emsisoft, said that despite the discussions, ransomware hackers continue to target these areas. He said that since June, local governments, healthcare and education departments have suffered at least 30 ransomware leaks.

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