This classic Aperol Spritz formula is our 3 ingredient drink for summer

A few summers ago, Adam and I revisited our favorite stop on our honeymoon in Italy ten years ago.Famous terrace Hotel Russia Rome (called “paradise on earth” by French poet Jean Cocteau) has long been regarded as one of the best places to experience the city appetizer: The Italian tradition of enjoying drinks and snacks in the evening between work and dinner. When Adam and I settled down to watch people watch one night, we noticed that everyone around us was drinking sparkling orange juice in a large glass decorated with orange slices. A scan of the menu revealed that this is the hotel’s classic Aperol spritz-so, of course, we ordered two.

Since then, it has become my official Summer drink——This light, sparkling cocktail has a pleasant bitterness, it feels like sunshine and adventure, and it brings me back to the perfect day we spent in Italy. I have been trying to perfect my own classic Aperol spritz formula, IMHO, I have done it. Although this is a simple drink with only a few ingredients, there are many different opinions on the correct ratio between Aperol and Prosecco and how it should be decorated. I have my own opinion (I will share below), but first: about the tradition of Italian aperitif. (Scroll right to the bottom of the post to get my classic Aperol spritz recipe.)

what is appetizer?

An italian appetizer It’s a bit like happy hour, but different (I dare say it’s cooler.) At Hotel de Russie, and other places I’ve been in Italy, everyone gathers for drinks and snacks before dinner.Sometimes food is as simple as salted potato chips and olives, sometimes it has a higher bite, which may include Cheese or deliEither way, the purpose is to “wake up the appetite” for the next big meal.

Traditionally, a appetizer The drink is a slightly bitter carbonated cocktail (such as Aperol spritz or Negroni) Lower the alcohol content-the idea is to make you feel relaxed and happy, not drunk. I like this ritual not only because of snacks and drinks, but also because it focuses on talking, enjoying the moment and enjoying the company of friends-Italians seem to be very good at these activities.

What are the ingredients in the classic Aperol Spritz formula?

I just want to put it there: Aperol Spritz is controversial.since New York Times Declare “Aperol Spritz is not a good drink“The debate has always been fierce. At least, it’s as hot as the cocktail debate. If you read their reasoning, it’s mainly based on the theory that most Aperol spirits use inferior prosecco, which can be achieved by using higher quality Prosecco to correct it. I’m not the only one defending this drink: Grub Street shot back,”The entire Internet agrees with Aperol Spritz Yes, In fact, very good. “ What is the best way to let it rest? On a hot evening this summer, mix up my classic aperitif recipe and judge for yourself.

Here are the ingredients:


aperitif It is an orange, sweet and slightly bitter aperitif produced by Campari Group-but its alcohol content is much lower than Campari (11%). The brand describes the spirit of Aperol as “the same spirit, it will spontaneously bring people together and inspire good resonance.” Yes, please!


Prosecco is a Light sparkling white wine, Similar to champagne, but made in Italy. Not only did I find that most Proseccos are very delicious, but the prices are quite affordable for premium wines. These people explain, “Compared with the sparkling wine made by the traditional champagne method, the production time of sparkling wine made by this method is much shorter (sometimes only a few weeks) and the cost is much lower. This helps explain The price point is $15 per bottle.” So, if you are in a grocery store and find a brand with a price near this price point and labeled “Prosecco DOC” (Italian Quality Assurance), you will be very happy.


Finally, choose your favorite soda or soda to supplement the drink.One thing I like about Aperol Spritz is that it is a low alcohol cocktail, you can make it even reduce Add more soda as you sip. This is my preferred strategy when I want to talk and sip with friends for three hours on the terrace without feeling over-served at the end.

Aperol Spritz decoration

The typical classic Aperol Spritz recipe requires a slice of orange-I added a slice to my slice, but I also get a hint from the bartender at Hotel de Russie and add a little lemon juice at the end. This bitter citrus is really suitable for drinking-when I take a sip of it, the lemon scent is mixed with the ups and downs of the drink, which is so funny.

That’s it! A three-component cocktail may also become your official summer drink. If you try it, please rate and comment and show me your Aperol Spritz Tag me on Instagram! Scroll now to view my classic Aperol Spritz recipe…

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