When Paris drivers complain about the new speed limit, the Greens rejoice

Paris will implement a 30kmh speed limit on almost all capitals from the end of August, fulfilling its campaign promises The left-wing green alliance that manages the city And it has angered motorists who are already struggling to deal with traffic jams, road works and the proliferation of bicycle lanes.

This move is the latest stage in a long-running struggle between successive Paris governments that restricted traffic in the city center and motorists in the capital and its suburbs, which are usually supported by right-wing politicians.

“For safety, it’s cool, and for the environment, it’s also cool, but at a speed of 30 km/h, work around will become more difficult,” said Mesa Gomez, who owns a 24-year cleaning business franchise. Collect equipment from a van located in the city center. Paris on Friday. “It’s good and bad.”

A taxi driver who was waiting nearby and eating lunch did not hesitate to conclude that all this was not good. “Law is law, but going from 50 to 30 is quite annoying,” he has been driving a taxi for the past 30 years of his career.

“It’s already difficult to drive and park in Paris, let alone all bicycle lane Roads are being built everywhere. “

Socialist Mayor Anne Hidalgo’s green representative David Belliard said that the move to reduce the speed limit from 50 km/h to 30 km/h is beneficial to safety and the environment, and can Reduce noise pollution.

“The challenge is to reduce the presence of cars, reduce their speed, reduce their control of the city, and provide space for other users,” he told the Financial Times. “We think it will reduce noise interference by three decibels, or half in terms of people’s perception. In terms of quality of life, this is indeed a huge improvement.”

Only a few major avenues such as the Champs Elysées will be exempted, while the speed limit on Boulevard Périphérique, a crowded ring road around Paris, will temporarily remain at 70 kilometers per hour.

In recent years, many large European cities, including London, have drastically reduced speed limits in different regions. But Paris’s practice of extending the lower limit to almost all streets is unusual. “In the big cities, we are indeed pioneers,” Bellard said.

Previously, only more than half of the capital’s traffic was restricted to 30 km/h, although congestion meant that the actual average speed of vehicles was only 15 km/h. He said: “There is an illusion about how great cars are in the city, which is far from reality.”

Pierre Chaseray led a company named 40 million drivers, Complaining that a car with a speed of 30 kilometers per hour in Paris will now be overtaken by bicycles, while the liberal Paris MP Aurelian Veron who opposed the new restrictions condemned his so-called “barbaric statement” and told AFP to drive at 30 kilometers per hour. It’s like “driving a hearse.”

The Paris government has not stopped the new speed limit, but plans to take further measures to restrict cars, including the establishment of a low-traffic area in the center of the capital, which will exclude through trains while allowing continued delivery and service.

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