15 lettuce wrap recipes you will want to eat as soon as possible

There are some constants in life. One big question we always ask ourselves with excitement and confusion is: What for lunch? Every day, until the end of time.Although we are all motivated by different things, but I know if I have a Healthy and delicious lunch Line up, I will definitely work hard to finish my work a lot of Faster. This is where these lettuce wrap recipes come in handy.I can stay focused and efficient without worrying about rushing to get a meal Order takeaway together at lunch time or between meetings.

Lettuce wraps are underrated lunch You don’t know what you need. I realized that the idea of ​​lettuce might not excite you as we said-sourdough bread. But stick to me. Lettuce is the perfect blank canvas, allowing your main ingredients to take center stage. It will enhance the flavor of any filling you choose, and lettuce wraps are one of the easiest meal preparation ideas. Prepare your filling, put it together, and then you can have a meal in five minutes.

Lettuce is not only the most versatile canvas for protein, taco fillings or sautéed vegetables, it also doesn’t make you feel heavy. We have collected some lettuce wrap recipes that we absolutely love, which will cover your healthy lunch (and dinner!).From juicy burgers to delicious fish “tacos” to some delicious vegetable choices-these amazing dishes will bring you Full-time lunch Go to the next level. Remember, when it comes to lettuce wraps, there are no rules. So let those creative juices flow and put anything that sounds delicious on your greens!

How to choose the best lettuce wraps

Not all lettuce can create a perfectly balanced, crispy taste. You definitely want to use something that won’t get wet quickly and make a mess. There is nothing worse than trying to collect a handful of lettuce wrappers! You will like lettuce, such as romaine lettuce, iceberg, butter, and even kale.

I found that kale is the strongest of all the lettuce mentioned above, but they may be slightly bitter than when eaten raw. Butter lettuce and romaine lettuce have advantages in size, the leaves can be easily shaped to fit your filling, and they have a good taste. Iceberg is always a strong competitor, but I tend to turn to others because they have more nutritional value.

Try one of these options for your next lettuce wrap:

  • Butter Lettuce
  • Kale
  • Iceberg lettuce
  • Gem lettuce
  • lettuce
  • Appetizer cabbage
  • Bib Lettuce

Vegetarian Lettuce Wrap

Vegetable lettuce wraps do not necessarily lack protein. These delicious and hearty packages are so satisfying and fulfilling, you will have all the energy and brainpower you need to spend the rest of the day.

Why we like it: These vegetarian and gluten-free Mexican salad cups are completed in 30 minutes, are healthy, delicious, and produce enough leftovers for the next few days. It is rich in fiber, protein and healthy fats-ideal for lunch.

Hero ingredients: Cilantro Lime Sauce adds a bit of cool creamy flavor, no need to add dairy products, keeping it light and fresh.

Get the recipe here.

Why we like it: As a tofu fan, these packaging are really in place. They are very delicious, easy to make, nutritious and pleasant. Kale put the whole thing tightly together.

Hero ingredients: Store-bought curry paste makes this recipe full of complex and exciting flavors without additional labor. Just make sure to test the spiciness before using, as they may be different.

Get the recipe here.

Why we like it: Stuffed with roasted sweet potatoes, cauliflower and crushed tofu, topped with creamy peanut sauce, these are probably my favorite vegetable lettuce wraps. They are delicious, fresh, and contain wholesome ingredients that will keep you full for hours.

Hero ingredients: The sauce cannot be topped.

Get the recipe here.

Chicken Lettuce Wraps

When you crave animal protein but still want to keep your diet light, chicken is the perfect choice. This is a neutral flavor that you can easily add to any of our vegetable options without overwhelming other flavors. Craving for the atmosphere of Asia, Mexico or Hamburg? These chicken lettuce wraps have everything.

Why we like it: It’s basically a healthy version of your favorite burger, so what’s not to like? Lean chicken, lettuce, and Asian-inspired herbs and spices elevate it to a new level and add a burst of freshness.

Hero ingredients: Curry powder gives these packages an unparalleled Asian flavor.

Get the recipe here.

Why we like it: These Thai Basil Chicken Lettuce Cups couldn’t be simpler, full of fresh, crispy and delicious flavors, and in line with Whole30.

Hero ingredients: You can use sweet basil, but Thai basil gives it something special.

Get the recipe here.

Why we like it: This lettuce wrap recipe is fun to eat, easy to put together, and super healthy. It is light, bright, delicious, and (thanks to the jalapeno in adobo) a bit smoky. Don’t be delayed by the marinating time, you can prepare them in advance, or put them together in the morning so they can be ready at lunch time.

Hero ingredients: The mango avocado salad is an unexpected twist that takes these chicken lettuce wraps to the next level.

Get the recipe here.

Why we like it: These seafood chicken cabbage tacos are so delicious, you will not only add them to your lunch rotation, but also want to prepare them for your next dinner party. It is delicious and full of flavor, so good for you.

Hero ingredients: Camille prefers the savoy cabbage leaves in this recipe, they hold together better than icebergs, so you can actually stuff it with fillings without worrying about it spreading out on you. Her trick is to blanch the leaves before eating, so that they are easier to chew and not so bitter.

Get the recipe here.

Why we like it: The chicken is perfectly seasoned in this colorful dish. The top is delicious pistachio basil goddess sauce, which adds a bit of enthusiasm and brightness.

Hero ingredients: Pita! If you want to add a bit of carbohydrates to your meals, pita bread is the perfect “bowl” for your lettuce rolls, it can more easily tuck them to the edges without falling apart.

Get the recipe here.

Seafood lettuce wraps

For the upcoming lettuce wraps, another great lean protein idea is to pair it with some shrimp or fish. This is a good noon protein that can make you full, full of nutrition, and taste like a party. Supplement omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins such as D, B2, calcium and minerals such as iron, zinc, iodine, magnesium and potassium. You can’t beat it!

Why we like it: If you are a shrimp lover, then you won’t want to miss these crazy and delicious lettuce rolls. You can buy frozen prawns without tails, or fresh prawns with tails if you wish.

Hero ingredients: The chili sauce brought a serious flavor explosion to the shrimp.

Get the recipe here.

Why we like it: Craving for something light and cool? Then check out these salmon lettuce wraps through Simply Recipes. You can use leftover salmon from another dish, or you can rub it with salt and ginger to make it fresh, and then soak it in salt water with lemon. Top with jicama, cucumber, coriander, onion, ginger, lime and mint, and some sliced ​​avocado. good to eat!

Hero ingredients: This is a toss between jicama and ginger, but jicama dominates today. Crispy, earthy, delicious and refreshing.

Get the recipe here.

Why we like it: Whether you are using Mahi Mahi, Halibut, Cod or the fish of your choice, few can beat fish tacos. Whether it’s grilled or fried, it’s great, and it doesn’t become too mushy or crumbly. It’s easy to make, but it feels like a celebration meal. Who doesn’t want to enjoy this little fun in the middle of the workday?

Hero ingredients: The salsa verde sauce is irresistible.

Get the recipe here.

Pork and Beef Lettuce Wraps

Need more protein? These pork and beef lettuce wraps are just what you need. They taste delicious, healthy, hearty, and very satisfying. Fill your stomach with these must-not-miss packaging.

Why we like it: It has all the flavors of Bahn mi, but no carbohydrate calories-think of it as a hearty spring roll. You can make these pies in advance and freeze them so they can be used on demand or make them fresh and enjoy several meals in a row. Either way, it is guaranteed to be a delicious lunch.

Hero ingredients: Trendy, salty, sour, and sweet dip.

Get the recipe here.

Why we like it: These gluten-free lettuce rolls can be completed in just 15 minutes and are made from ground beef and kitchen staples, which you may have stored in the pantry and refrigerator. The delicious grilled meat taste is the perfect combination of saltiness and sweetness, almost unbelievably good.

Hero ingredients: soy sauce! The taste is so good.

Get the recipe here.

Why we like it: These packages are very easy to make and only take about 20 minutes. They are full of flavor and can be easily customized to your personal preferences. Use beef, mushrooms, carrots and water chestnuts as the base. Add a little sesame oil to a pan and sauté.

Hero ingredients: Water chestnuts are always an unexpected joy, and truly enliven a dish.

Get the recipe here.

This article was originally published on April 21, 2020 and has since been updated.

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