For Purpose Recycling launched the first practical belt of recyclable marine plastic

In order to end the use of marine plastics and at the same time create income opportunities for collectors, the Australian company For purpose Recycling is launching a unisex practical belt made of recycled marine plastic collected from the beach. IndonesiaEach conveyor belt is funded to prevent 10 kg of plastic waste from entering the ocean (equivalent to 50,000 single-use plastic bags) while improving the lives of local community members.

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How does the business model work? The company has established cost-effective waste collection points in Indonesian coastal communities where basic waste services are not available, giving locals the opportunity to sell their collected plastic waste for profit.In addition, For purpose Recycling also funds waste and environmental education programs of local agencies to create community Outreach and empower community members. The company follows a recycling model to reintroduce recycled marine plastic waste into a new sustainable product: a stylish and practical multifunctional belt.

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A person wearing a black T-shirt, fuchsia pants and an orange utility belt

According to For purpose Recycling, although 39% of Indonesia’s urban plastic waste is collected, only about 16% is collected in rural and remote areas. The company’s network of garbage collection centers allows locals to exchange plastic waste for items such as cash, school fees and medical insurance, adding lucrative incentives for collecting recyclable waste.It also increases the recycling capacity of these areas by constructing more buildings Recycle Infrastructure (In 2017, only 10% of the plastic produced in Indonesia was recycled).

Green utility belt on a bunch of green leaves
Two people wearing soft clothing and a practical belt made of recycled plastic

For Purpose Recycling practical belts are priced at $46 each and come in four colors: Komodo Black, Jeruk Orange, Subak Green and Lolo Blue. The waistband is fully adjustable and simple, made of recycled polyester, made in China, and the factory is certified as a global recycling standard by the third-party certification body Textile Exchange. Once the belt reaches its end of life, consumers can send it back to For purpose Recycling for recycling to obtain store credit.

People wearing white clothes and black recycled plastic utility belts
Dark green practical belt on the beach

For the purpose of recycling partners for non-profit organizations with local community connections to have a long-term impact, it hopes to help the company achieve the goal of preventing 1 million kilograms in one aspect plastic Enter the ocean by 2023.

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Two men in black and white costumes with practical belts

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