Only the rich can like this economic recovery: economics

When someone wants to buy something, their time is measured in part by their ability to repay. This mobility and its further ability as an economic power to obtain whatever they want will not only create gaps in assets, but also gaps in education, the environment, political representation, and general prosperity. The higher their wealth and status, the higher their wealth and status, precisely because asset derivatives valued at higher interest rates are higher.

This difference also puts pressure on the total time allocation, whether from a regulatory perspective (through regulatory capture/corruption to distort the law) or from a private perspective…SpaceX, Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin are all one A good example of this misallocation is that human abilities are more suitable for coordination through economies of scale, rather than competing elements to do the same thing…This is why NASA exists in the way it used to… This is why NASA will do better. They are taxed as much as they spend on personal space adventures.

In terms of efficiency and benefits, the labor expended to achieve this result is subject to greater personal and collective constraints.

Another good example is planned scrapping.

The idea that rich people can become richer with their wealth is extremely stupid. The fact that their wealth has a higher level of opportunity cost to meet the need to maximize total time is itself the greatest inefficiency of capitalism in human history.

It is now admitted that some people are more productive than others, and some people provide greater value to society, both individually and collectively than others. We do not need to go all the way to socialism or communism to maximize individual utility from a collective perspective…Human scientists are proving the effectiveness of scientific methods every day. This online media is an example that demonstrates the effectiveness of maximizing individual utility through collective action.

Bezo’s contribution to society does not exceed 100 billion. His exploitation of society has paid some price for this, and his gain is our absolute and opportunity cost loss. In general, it is unwise for the marginal revenue to hardly exceed the inflation rate. It consciously leaves the short-term personal gains on the table and obtains greater long-term collective gains (which also overshadows their losses).

Even the rich who understand this can’t stop it. The most selfish among us need to make unselfish decisions to work together and make a difference to change it.

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