Our California family trip (welcome back!)

How has your summer been so far? In the past 10 days, we missed you and we are glad to catch up with you! Tomorrow we will start the redesign (we can’t wait to share it with you), and I’m glad we can visit relatives in California. Here are some travel photos, if you want to see…

Sonoma Vineyard

Family travel always has its ups and downs (remember This hilarious article?), but now that the children have grown up, traveling has become much easier. First, we drove to Sonoma. I couldn’t believe the beauty of driving through the vineyard, I kept telling everyone to pinch themselves. “I think we are Parent trap,” Toby said respectfully.


My Father with Twin sisters Joined us at Airbnb and it was a party that everyone got together after nearly two years.

Sonoma Train Town

We ended up in a routine: every morning, when other adults were sleeping or working, the boys and I would wake up, eat breakfast, and go immediately Train city, This is a lovely amusement park with six rides surrounded by trees. You can also take a 20-minute train ride, which will stop midway so you can feed goats and alpacas. The boys liked it very much and we went there for four consecutive days. (I will watch them and listen to podcasts on the shady bench:)

Sonoma Airbnb

In the afternoon, we will swim and relax at home.One day, my dad, my sister and Alex went to a wine tasting, but the boys watched a movie and I dozed off on the sofa because sometimes Doing nothing is the best,Do not you think so?

In the evening, we had dinner together on the deck. (It’s funny, I think My sister Now that we are getting older, I look more like twins.We used to Different like a child! )

Spaghetti Vegetables

My sister also made this delicious pasta based on my friend’s recipe GiselaThis is: “Cook frozen peas separately. Cook pasta separately. Scrape a bunch of Parmesan cheese in a large pan, sauté garlic, add sliced ​​asparagus, salted asparagus, and cook until the asparagus is half cooked (bright green but not yet chewed) Add enough heavy cream to cover the asparagus, simmer until the asparagus is cooked through, add the peas. Turn off the heat, then add the Parmesan cheese. Stir until the Parmesan cheese melts. Pour the pasta into the sauce.” eat.


Mendocino Children's Hiking

After three nights in Sonoma, we said goodbye to my father and sister and drove along the coast to Mendocino.We stayed in a hotel for two nights but I actually recommend staying Airbnb in the village Because it is so charming, so misty, so primitive.

Catch the canoe Mendocino

Anton Canoe

One morning, We rented a canoe And paddling across the river. We saw the seals, which lasted for an hour and a half​​!

Sequoia Hendy Forest State Park

On the way we drove back to the city, we stopped at Hendy Woods State Park Go to see Sequoia. Toby is grumpy (Hiking, guys), but Anton likes to walk on fallen tree trunks and pay attention to bears.

Golden Gate Bridge

We ended our trip in San Francisco.

Giant game

One night, Alex took the boys to a Giants game…

Tatar Factory Salad

…When I walk around, have lunch with my friends Tatar Factory, Peek at the cute shop, and swallow pies Greek frozen yogurt. This is a pleasure Have some time to travel alone, If you can manage to sneak away!

Anton Goddard Williams

Finally, this is Anton who walked home from Dolores Park: “Look, I’m mom!” (It’s done.)

Ah, California, thank you for having us! We love you! What are you up to lately? How has your summer been so far? I want to catch up…xo

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(Photo of the Golden Gate Bridge by Lilly Bloom/Stocksy.)

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