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From a steady stream of High-end designer cooperation to Good and inexpensive wardrobe essentials, Target’s addiction is not difficult to determine, but the real magic of retailers may be most obvious in the home decoration department. The robust part of the brand is a treasure trove of stylish and stylish items, which looks much more expensive than the numbers on the price tag, but as someone who likes a more streamlined and simple design approach, I will return to a Target tag from time to time again: Threshold of Studio McGee. Considering the number of times I walked into a beautiful space, I asked about a particularly beautiful work just to understand, indeed,#Goal do it again, I know I am not the only one obsessed with thresholds.

This means I won’t be alone in pouring out every newly released work Threshold of Studio McGee Fall Collection. Fresh water droplets are full of comfortable discoveries and dynamic textures, which can inject new vitality into any corner of your home. “I hope that the new Threshold designed with the Studio McGee series can inspire guests to create comfortable spaces throughout the home as a place to rest and rejuvenate,” McGee wrote in a press release.

With more than 200 pieces (almost all sold for less than $100), it may be difficult to know where to start when buying this series. Fortunately, interior designer and founder of Studio McGee Shea McGee provided some details of her favorite autumn discoveries.

Pillow party

When remodeling your space, pillows may be the hardest accessory. Through simple and affordable exchanges, the entire tone of the room can be reset. “These ones The pillow relaxes the pattern while bringing beautiful new textures in the warm autumn tones,” McGee said.

Maybe there is no style that can trigger the autumn atmosphere more than classic plaid. The warm colors of Studio McGee give the design a soft look.

This pillow uses rust red and beautiful patterns, adding a meaningful sense of fashion.

With its woolen texture, even neutral tones can become a declaration.

Versatile work

From colorful impressionists to beautiful abstract works in neutral tones, McGee’s favorite autumn new series of artworks can be applied to any style.

Fill your wall space with this colorful discovery, or layer it on a table or shelf for a clever addition.

Although it is soothing in nature, this neutral work can easily bring any corner to life.

Regardless of your decoration style, the glass lake in this surrealist painting will create a tranquil atmosphere.

Some inspiration

From modern minimalist items that add a simple style to the classic fantasy ceramics, the new Threshold lamp seamlessly blends into your space. “I am very happy to introduce new shapes and finishes to our lighting equipment, from small lamps to fixed lighting!” McKee said.

Placed in the corner of the room or next to your favorite comfortable chair, this modern piece (despite its lighter structure) adds a lot of character.

The bold rust color and delicate fold tones create a dynamic effect.

This stylish ceramic lamp is equipped with a dimmable light setting and a pot-shaped base, creating a cool, modern feel.

Easy to add

The new Threshold designed by the Studio McGee series has many interesting accents, from Artificial olive tree with Rattan basket to Cream cotton, It is not easy to reduce it to three. However, McGee’s following choices are a good blend of form and function.

Take pride in this stylish metal product and showcase your favorite recipes.

The waterproof, textured vase creates a unique place to display fresh bouquets.

Store your fireplace essentials in this beautiful pergola so you can always be ready for the cool autumn temperatures.

Purchase the complete Threshold designed by Studio McGee Fall Collection, now available online at Target site.

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