Tropical forests will soon grow in Helsinki, providing all the heat for the city

A series of tropical island designs have just won the Helsinki Energy Challenge. The goal of this competition is to achieve the decarbonization of the heating system in the capital city by 2030. Projects such as Carlo Ratti Associati’s Hot Heart will achieve this goal.

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Hot Heart is a series of islands that store heat and can support tropical forest ecosystems from all over the world. These islands are actually 10 cylindrical basins. Each is nearly 740 feet in diameter. These basins are used as hot water reservoirs, capable of storing millions of gallons of water. waterThe system works like a thermal battery.

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Four of the ten reservoirs are enclosed in transparent domes, where floating forests thrive.These tropical ecosystem Will serve as a social gathering place, even in the harsh winter of Helsinki, the dome will be warm. Imagine sitting in the rainforest on the coldest day in Helsinki!

Rendering of the sauna inside the dome

The following is the basic knowledge of its working principle: seawater heat pump combines wind and Solar energy It is converted into heat and stored in the warm heart reservoir. The artificial intelligence system controls the production and consumption of heat energy and helps stabilize the national energy grid. In fact, the system is expected to meet all heating needs in Helsinki by the end of the decade. It will produce zero carbon emissions. cost? It will be 10% lower than the current heating cost.

Rendering of a sidewalk with dense tropical trees on both sides

The Hot Heart project is expected to be fully implemented in 2028. The proposal was developed by Carlo Ratti Associati (CRA) in collaboration with Ramboll, OP Financial Group, Danfoss Leanheat, Transsolar, Schneider Electric, schlaich bergermann partners, and Squint/Opera.

Rendering of a dome floating on the water at sunset

Once completed, this will be the largest infrastructure of its kind. This idea is inspired by the Finnish concept of Jokamiehen Oikeudet, which means that everyone has the right to relax and enjoy nature. Using the energy of nature to provide carbon-free heating solutions is definitely a good way to enjoy nature.Even while using energy, this design still respects the environment, thanks to the tropical biomes and zero emission design.

+ Corolla Association

Picture from CRA

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