Casa CBC incorporates greenery at all levels

While the residence provides shelter, it can also highlight the exciting architectural design and its integration with the surrounding environment landscape. As far as CBC House is concerned, that’s it.

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“Casa CBC” is located in Lomas de Chapultepec, a residential and commercial area in the west of Mexico City. This prosperous area is upscale, luxurious and approachable, and its architecture is inspired by the surrounding Chapultepec Forest.

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Tan house covered by plants
Tan house with huge windows and green roof

Designed by the Mexican company Estudio MMX, the development of CBC House began with Expansive gardenIn fact, compared with the vast greenery that defines the property, this house is almost an afterthought. Essentially, the team designed the garden on each floor and then integrated the house into the remaining space. Therefore, the whole home feels like a continuous garden, blurring the boundary between the outdoor and indoor of each room. From any angle, the connection with nature is obvious. From the front door to the room upstairs, large windows frame the garden on the elevated platform.

Grey living room furniture near the glass wall, with garden views
The dining table near the wall is covered by plants

“Our strategy is to imagine the garden as an interconnected system of open spaces throughout the house,” said Diego Ricard, one of the four partners of Estudio MMX.

Long table in a room with glass walls
Sepia corridor with glass walls and garden views

The suspended garden carefully cares for this 708-square-meter house, and the whole house provides a warm space. The public areas are open to a wide view, while the private spaces are created through the use of narrow corridors and stairs. When a person walks through the house, diverse experiences are created by the dynamic changes in height and proportions between rooms.Contains the huge glass wall further contains Natural light And the connection to the outdoor environment.

A glass wall facing the bed with a view of the forest
Terrace lounge outside a tan home at dusk

The designer made full use of the limited available land and placed the L-shaped house in the corner of the plot.Because the entire main material is a subtle colored concrete, the architect softened the solid geometric outline with a soft geometric outline Green plants on the flat roof, In the upper terrace and courtyard. This provides a large entertainment space for the main area of ​​the property, equipped with an attractive seating and dining area under the open sky.

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Photography: Rafael Gamo via Estudio MMX

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