Does everyone do this weird thing during the holidays?

Whenever I travel with Alex, we can’t help ourselves…

After two or three days of our trip, after eating at a nearby pizzeria and visiting the local amusement park, we inevitably took out our mobile phones, scrolled through the real estate listings, and chose our “new” house. Of course, money is not an issue-the key is how charming or comfortable the place is. We are immersed in the fantasy of starting a new life in that small town, imagining what our life would be like if we uprooted everything and landed there.

For example, when We are in california, We walked past this gorgeous hut, above, in Mendocino. Purple hydrangea, a heart shape on a wooden fence… Soon I can imagine strolling to the bookstore on Saturday morning, following the children shouting to remember their bicycle helmets, and talking with neighbors due to fog And feel sympathy.

my friend Ben Taking it one step further: “If I drive past an open house on vacation, I will always stop. I will pretend that I am looking for a place.” When he told me, I smiled happily-imagine this Single men hang out in the bedroom, checking the water pressure and kitchen utensils. “I like to do this,” he said with a smile. “This is just one of them.”

Are you also looking at real estate during the holidays? Are there any interesting travel rituals?

Polystyrene The weirdest and best part of the holiday, with #1 item the guest needs.

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