Facebook says FTC chairman should withdraw from antitrust case

Facebook has asked the new chairman of the Federal Trade Commission, Lina Khan, to withdraw from deciding whether to file an antitrust lawsuit against the technology group, which marks an escalation in the struggle between the head of the regulator and the largest company in Silicon Valley.

This social media company submitted petition On Wednesday sought Khan’s recusal request to the US Federal Trade Commission, stating that she “built her career to a large extent by listing Facebook as a public antitrust violator” and cited her previous comments on the company criticism.

This is the second similar request in two weeks Amazon, Which shows that large technology companies are uneasy about Khan’s appointment.

In its request, Facebook stated that Khan “has determined important facts related to Facebook’s liability in the committee’s pending antitrust lawsuits long before he became a commissioner, and has concluded that Facebook should be liable under the antitrust law in conclusion”.

The US Federal Trade Commission did not comment on the petition.

Khan gained fame by criticizing the power of large technology companies, and was the first to propose Congress report Last year accused Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple of abusing their market power.

As FTC chairman, she is at the forefront One try The Biden government has solved the problem of the concentration of corporate power in various departments.She is responsible for the FTC’s high-profile case against Facebook, which It blames Use its market power to defeat smaller competitors.

The lawsuit was filed in December last year to reverse Facebook’s acquisitions of Instagram and WhatsApp, which the social media giant acquired in 2012 and 2014 for US$1 billion and US$19 billion, respectively.

However, federal judges Be fired At the end of last month, after concluding that Facebook has a monopoly on the social network market, the complaint “is not legally insufficient.”

Despite this, the judge gave the committee one month to file a revised lawsuit, if it wanted to. Facebook said in the petition that the upcoming deadline means avoiding the problem is “particularly urgent.”

Facebook’s petition also pointed out that Khan’s work at the advocacy organization Open Markets Institute, her academic writings and social media posts all prove that she “has concluded that Facebook is responsible for violating antitrust laws.”

For example, it emphasized that although Khan served as the legal director of the Open Market Institute in 2017, the organization led a campaign called “Freedom from Facebook”, which called for the company to be broken up.

According to the petition, Khan also “praised” the Federal Trade Commission for raising the case in a tweet last year, and the tweet has since been deleted, and accused Facebook of adopting a “copy, obtain and kill” strategy to maintain its dominant position.

Antitrust experts say that efforts to force Khan to evade are unlikely to succeed because the government and the agency ethics committee had already assessed these issues when she was nominated.

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