Los Angeles County beaches closed after 8 hours of sewage leak

On Monday night, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health issued a Command off Several beaches along the coast of Santa Monica Bay after untreated sewage overflowed on Sunday.An estimated 17 million gallons are untreated Sewage Hyperion Water Reclamation sewage treatment plant was discharged into the water after a power failure. Processing plant officials stated that they must release 6% of the plant’s daily load to avoid bigger problems.

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The leak lasted for more than 8 hours, resulting in the closure of all public places beach The affected area includes El Segundo Beach and Dockweiler State Beach. According to the closure notice, all beaches will be closed for at least one week and will only reopen after water quality tests show that there is no increase in bacterial levels.

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angel County Supervisor Janice Hahn condemned the incident and said she was still seeking a response from sewer factory officials. She questioned the amount of raw sewage discharged and the time required for the factory to notify the public.

“What happened yesterday is unacceptable and dangerous. The Hypo plant not only discharged 17 million gallons of sewage into our oceans—the public had little information about it in a few hours,” Hahn said in an interview. “We need the Los Angeles City Department of Health to provide answers to what went wrong and caused this large-scale leak, but we also need to recognize that Los Angeles County Public health Failure to communicate effectively with the public may put swimmers at risk. “

Leaks in Los Angeles County have almost become the norm, and there have been several minor leaks this year.according to Healing bayFrom 2020 to 2021, a total of 75 sewage leaks occurred in Los Angeles County. These minor leaks produced 346,888 gallons of sewage.

The last major spill in the county occurred in 2015, when there were approximately 30 million gallons waste Released to Santa Monica Bay by the Hyperion Water Recycling Plant. Although the factory had to pay a settlement of 2.26 million US dollars, this obviously did not prevent repeated sewer leaks.

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