Osokoa produces fun and fun organic children’s clothing

2020 is a sudden pandemic year, so many people seize the opportunity to chase their dreams. The Barcelona brand Osokoa is an example of how passion and determination gave birth to a long-term vision of producing quality products. organic Children’s clothing series.

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The company describes itself as an “emotional brand” and it proudly wears this label in its unisex clothing made of certified organic materials. cotton“Emotion and hope go hand in hand. We dream with cotton, design smiles with our heart, and converge concepts with dressing. Comfortable, high-quality, original, respectable, environmentally friendly and informative!”

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Children in striped shirts and dresses
A child with a ribbon that says

The information is positive, it is a theme that runs through the product information. Osokoa explained: “Our series’Self Esteem’ and’Hope’ are inspired by the vitality, positive energy and change of the world, and have grand plans and a positive attitude towards the future.” The company’s mission is to feel the products it sells Proud and follow the selected Natural Ingredients, Sustainable manufacturing and durable clothing. “We worked hard wholeheartedly to show our best, so we got the precious help of smiles, joy and enthusiasm!”

Children wear black, white and orange hoodies and sweatpants
On the left, children are wearing patterned long-sleeved T-shirts. On the right, the children are wearing orange, black and white striped overalls.

Let’s face it, the fashion industry ranks among the most destructive industries on the planet.Osokoya gets rid of bad habits Fast Fashion Started from locally sourced 100% organic GOTS certified cotton. Then, it relies on local chemical-free manufacturing in Barcelona’s developed textile district.This minimizes transportation-related Pollution And provide fair trade work in the community. Osokoa has also invested in methods that use minimal water and electricity in this process.

The children wear jumpsuits with eyeballs on the front
Child wearing black and white hoodie

Every decision in the whole process tends to choose the option that best suits the environment, until the cardboard and other packaging used by the company are carefully selected. Almost all materials used in Osokoa are Recycle And can be reused.

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Gabitorohh Gabito via Osokoa Photography

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