Easy skillet recipe for half-cooked harvest to make busy workday evenings

Although we like to see our Favorite foodie Make when they want “Wow” their guests, Do you know what is more interesting? Find out what they cook when they are at home in the evening on an average weekday. These recipes are usually faster with fewer ingredients and are the perfect prompt to answer questions,”What should I do for dinner?“Whenever it strikes. To satisfy our curiosity, our series”mine Must order“We like to sprinkle simple recipes in their homes and keep rotating chefs and gourmets asked. Next, Tieghan Gerard of Half Baked Harvest shared her simple frying pan recipes that she made every other week throughout the summer.

Speaking of delicious, simple meals that look as good as they taste, we visit a website time and time again: Half-cooked harvest. I don’t know you, but two cookbooks by Tieghan Gerard——Half-rare harvest recipes with Super simple-Spin at high speed in our house. My favorite recipe is dog-ear style, you will definitely find that the whole process is covered with oily fingerprints-what can I say? I am a passionate home cook and love to forget about it!

Gerrard believes that we eat with our eyes first, and her amazing Food photography Make sure of this.So of course, when Camille launched our new My Go-To Meal series Spring Pesto Pasta, We know who to ask next-Gerrard did not disappoint.

This garlic butter creamy corn chicken recipe is a delicious and simple skillet recipe that Gerrard makes at least once a week in the summer. “This is such a popular recipe for many reasons,” she told me. “It’s all made in a frying pan, the ingredient list is very small, almost no need to chop, it is done in less than 30 minutes, and it is always popular. Even picky eaters like it. This dish. I make it every other week when the corn is fresh in the summer.”

Next, Gerrard shared some of her tips for making this simple frying pan recipe, and then read on to make the recipe at home!

Do you have any kitchen tool recommendations that we must do this?

You will want one Really great frying pan For this recipe, cast iron is best, but any large pan will do.

What outstanding ingredients make it unique?

For me, the protagonist of this recipe is really creamy corn sauce. It is made from three kinds of butter, garlic and thyme. I like to let the corn slowly cook in garlic butter until golden brown. This is delicious. Especially when you add a little wine and a little cream to make a cream sauce for the chicken. This is the sauce for everyone to come back for the second time.

Which ingredient swaps can make this healthier/gluten-free dairy product? and many more.

You can easily omit the Parmesan cheese and use coconut milk to make this dairy-free product. To make it gluten-free, use your favorite gluten-free flour mixture.

What are the cooking techniques that we should all know that you used in this recipe?

To easily remove the corn kernels from the cob, simply place the ear of corn flat on the cutting board. Then cut off the sides of the corn cob to remove the kernel. Then rotate the corn on the cob, continue to cut and rotate the corn until all the grains are removed.

What is the secret to making this meal taste delicious every time?

The secret is to brown the butter around the corn. It adds such a delicious, rich flavor to the sauce.

How many times do you do it a week? Once or many times? why?

I would say once every other week. To be honest, the only reason I don’t make this every week is that I have been testing new HBH recipes.

What is your favorite part of this recipe and why?

This is a comfortable summer comfort food that can be combined easily, quickly and easily. This looks simple, but it is full of flavors that everyone likes. This is easy for any workday night, but still fancy enough for a Saturday night dinner.

Scroll down to make the recipe and make sure to let us know how it works for you!

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