KADA’s sustainable clothing line aims to empower women

“Sustainability is our North Star,” said KADA, a clothing company that leads corporate responsibility and change in the notorious wasteful fashion industry.The company’s products are designed by women and are committed to designing for women protection.

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KADA is a Boston-based company, and every decision it makes revolves around reducing waste. Part of the manufacturing process begins with the collection of waste from other manufacturers in the form of recycled fabrics.From there, the choice of fabric mainly relied on Cupro, a material similar to silk, made of Recycle Cotton manufacturing waste. Cupro is biodegradable and is manufactured in a closed loop factory that continuously circulates water and required chemicals.

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KADA also strives to cooperate with factories that respect the concept of sustainable development.One such factory is known for its innovative production of organic materials while recycling 100% of textiles waste And use a greenhouse gas capture system.

One is wearing a black vest, white jeans and a denim jacket; the other is wearing a black T-shirt dress

During the design process, the owner Kassia Davis and the team worked hard to reduce the number of seams in each piece, thereby minimizing scraps. They then developed tested prototypes (with real women) to ensure proper fit, feel, and function. This is to avoid mass production of product lines that may be poorly received and discarded.

The final clothing design aims to be a multi-functional capsule single product suitable for casual and formal wear occasions. KADA’s first series include Cami Bralette, Classic Cami, Cami Midi Dress, Classic Tee, Tee Maxi Dress, Tee Mini Dress and Pant.The goal is to focus on high-quality production and durability Fabric Let consumers like and wear the items in their wardrobe instead of discarding and replacing them. The main products are designed for all body types and are in line with one of the company’s goals of empowering women.

A person wearing a black dress; a person wearing a white dress and a cardigan

“My mission at KADA is to make clothing It is inclusive and can be worn by all women. We are celebrating the concept of evolution-inward, outward and system-and in the process setting new standards for sustainable production,” Davis said. “Behind the KADA brand is a group of talented women. I want to create a work that allows each of us to feel comfortable and confident to wear. These inspiring and powerful works are designed to help you welcome the present-wherever life takes you. “

KADA is cooperating with GreenPrint to become the first sustainable manufacturing clothing brand in Massachusetts.

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