The villa adjacent to the nature reserve is designed with natural stone

lie in Spanish Soto Salbos Town, Segovia, Salbos House pays homage to the 12th-century Romanesque architecture in the area with its modern design. The villa was created by ABIBOO Studio and is made of natural stone using the local construction system, which helps to integrate into its historical environment without sacrificing the comfort of modern life.

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Castilian tiles and natural stone are arranged throughout the exterior as well as a series of large flower pot Keep property unity. The 250-square-meter house is designed to include an L-shaped plan to address existing municipal regulations while allowing residents to maintain contact with the outdoors.

Two criss-crossing volumes are composed of beige natural stone facades and orange tiled roofs. Purple flowering shrubs line the outside of the house.

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Perhaps the most exciting thing is that the 900-square-meter property is close to the local nature reserve, which brings ecological elements to the project, combining the wild landscape with the overall modernity of the design. The nature reserve bordering the house is characterized by cold and windy parts of the year. Landscape design solves this problem by installing a big brazier, Fire pit And masonry seats in the garden to protect the outdoor space.

An outdoor fire pit.

Also on the outside, the design is characterized by Gable roof And the combination of local materials and weathering steel. The underground fire pit area is ideal for hosting a large number of seating areas, with a series of stone walls rising from different heights against the backdrop of greenery. Almost like a labyrinth, every part of the outdoor landscape complements the modern frame of the main structure, with stones and smooth, clean lines.

The living room has a minimalist design with white walls, a fireplace and beige sofas and chairs.

Inside, the bright and natural theme continues with neutral finishes and simple decorations, supplemented by light wood Details and earth tones in the furniture. The residence consists of two floors, the ground floor contains the main rooms and public areas, and the upper floor contains the family children’s room.

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Image courtesy of ABIBOO Studio

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