Why is inflation so worried about the right?Conservative rhetoric about spiraling wage prices warns of hypocrisy: Economics

This is a kind of deflationary pressure that suppresses catastrophic inflation caused by reckless monetary and fiscal policies.

So yes, most parts of the world have experienced inflation, but the natural process is deflation.

If you have a parity currency, is it a currency that you use your time/mental and physical labor to trade and trade proportionally over time? The currency someone used to buy a toaster in 1965 can buy 20 or more toasters today. Something similar.

If you want to maximize growth, this is problematic. Consumption has an opportunity cost.As labor input costs fall, material costs fall with better/cheaper materials, and one hour’s labor equivalent should be available more Tomorrow, there will be no less.

Forced inflation will drive your consumption. Forcing it, in turn, will drive supply and its capital formation and investment, and all the work and network effects that follow. There is now an opportunity cost of saving. The inflation-driven approach has traditionally been credit expansion through low loan interest rates, but recently quantitative easing has benefited those who first obtained it or participated in its creation or could get any coupons from it.

This is naturally the most correct line followed by those closest to the creation. They benefit most from it.

The destiny of the world is deflation. Because of many reasons. Some people like that the aging population has little to do with the toaster. However, due to policies to combat it, its ground level of inflation has been very low, while the stock market and some other assets have high levels of inflation. Deflation is the enemy of policymakers. The 1930s was a Keynesian financial carnage.

Now ask yourself this question: If you don’t benefit from the humanities drive to make toasters more efficiently, who will benefit when you pay for a toaster that is more expensive today than yesterday?

This is of course for our interests, our own interests and the interests of society. I will definitely hear all about it.

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