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What are you going to do this weekend? Here are 11 interesting links.We are going Rye playground, A small amusement park about an hour’s drive outside of New York City. I would love to see it. For me, nothing is cuter than my children nervously waiting for the roller coaster to start. Hope you have a good…

Wow, These circular gardens in Copenhagen!

This cult product Is changing my hair.

How the pandemic affects Woman in her thirties.

Our favorite children’s brand is Clearance. (How cute This? ? ? )

I re-watched the Titanic so you don’t have to. “Make me laugh out loud.

Most gorgeous Sag Harbor House.

How to experience New York like a local, Haha. (New Yorker)

Oh. I want to eat this egg tart for lunch.

How amazing National spelling bee champion?

Retro poster For modern movies.

Try this summer’s playlist Long walks.

In addition, there are two reader comments:

Jacqueline says The new look of Cup of Jo“Old reader here! I work in this field. I just want to say that I know how stressful the process is. I wish you no bugs over the weekend. Just know that you have a caring and loyal reader who will solve the problem patiently. This makes me want to say, “The website is the website.” Haha, yes, it’s OK here!

Jenny says My summer uniform“I used to feel terrible about my legs! I have *so many* spider veins, and I have always been very conscious. But then I realized that my spider veins make my legs look like my mother’s. She was in I passed away when I was in my twenties, and now when I see her body, it’s like she was waving hello. Maybe think of a lady who might also have spider veins (or anything you are self-conscious), and Feel a little bit about what I’m doing?

(Photo by Darren Muir/Stokesie.)

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